Can "prayer" be secular?

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Zencat, I tried doing the just sitting and being aware meditation but it soon becomes just sleeping meditation, even when I am sitting in a kitchen chair. So, if I count breaths I have something to focus on.

I never knew you could get too relaxed when you meditate.

Your friend,
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Zencat (04-04-2012)
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Originally Posted by Charon
I guess my question is - does it matter if it works?
If it helps, continue on doing it.
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Great thread! Thanks.
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Originally Posted by Charon View Post
I guess my question is - does it matter if it works?
For me, the greatest thing about rational analysis is our ability to ascertain exactly why something works and isolate out the essence from the unnecessary.

If we didn't examine something that appears to work in order to isolate exactly why it works, we'd still be chewing yarrow root instead of taking asprin.

For what it is worth, this pretty much sums up my current position on prayer and on 12 step recovery.
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Originally Posted by m1k3
I am complete as I am. I neither want nor need help from an outside spiritual source.
Originally Posted by zencat
I also have no babysitter that I can count on. If I am the problem, then I am the solution. Meditation brings me many of the solutions I seek.
I agree strongly with both of you.

I think there is something to ritualism that is comforting to many. Using mala beads, singing bowls, praying the rosary, kneeling, crossing oneself, seems many find as much comfort in the "doing of the thing" as what is actually behind the thing, if that makes sense. The ritual of prayers/mantras is the same.
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