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Meditation Habits

Old 04-17-2012, 12:25 PM
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I am a Pure Land Buddhist with a side Chan(Zen).

I use the nembutsu to meditate. This is chanting "Namu Amida Buddha" in my head. I do it while running, not the whole run but parts of it, and at other times all throughout the day. It is my anchor to bring myself back to the current moment. I have been doing it for about a year now and at times when I am under stress it will begin to chant itself without me even thinking about it. Usually when I chant I can feel a smile come to my face all on its own.
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I try to meditate when I have some privacy to do so. I feel a little awkward praying and meditating when someone else is in the house with me. So if I have the house to myself for a short period of time I will meditate.
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Old 05-06-2012, 04:26 PM
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I am approaching three months sobriety and after the two month point, I started increasing my time and commitment to a meditation practice. I am now a daily 30 minute minimum meditator and it is helping immensely. My thoughts are slowed, and I can see the roots of my desire urges with more clarity. Also, an alcohol thought is released in the same way as any thought, feeling and sensation, so it has lost its weight now. I highly recommend it to help anyone in their journey. Best part is it fits in fine with any kind of coping, therapy, exercise or recovery program that you may be using. Thats the point of it; contradiction starts to fall away and so do the struggles. And compassion and presence are revealed.
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I want to start meditating. I've done it occasionally in the past...but not with any real consistency...but I did enjoy it when I did it.
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I have skimmed the surface of meditation practice a couple years back when I first quit. Definitely helped calm me down and reduce anxiety. Also when I woke in the middle of the night sometimes I would have a racing heart, high BP, a talkative mind, etc... I remember doing simple breathing exercises allowed me to relax my mind and body and fall back asleep! poweful stuff it can be!

This book is generally regarded as one of the best "how to" guides for meditation. It is very little philosophy, dogma, this way is better than that way, etc... just teaches you how to get started and its a quick short read. It is offered for free to boot.

I have not reached the post count to post links... so search "Mindfulness in Plain English" on google and one of the forst results will be a PDF for the entire book. CHeck it out, its a very good source to get started with.
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