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I went to an AA meeting a couple of years ago and never returned as the religious aspect freaked me out. The info here is very helpful so I'm going to try the support you've advised to complement this forum which I've found to be extremely helpful.
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Originally Posted by Neagrm View Post
Take what you need and leave the rest - like AA says :-)
I'm only 18 weeks into recovery and really don't know much, but this is what I've been doing and so far so good. I got started with AA and, while I'm not "working the steps", I seem to be learning some good practical stuff in meetings about recovery and so far as I can tell no one is bothered by my secular disposition, that I don't join in on the prayers and have no "higher power".

I've also been learning good things, here and elsewhere, that have nothing to do with the steps. Practicing mindfulness (esp in meditation) has been helpful in cultivating self-awareness, not getting hooked by anxious thoughts or emotions, and being less concerned about changing things I can't control, internally and externally. There seems to be a huge Buddhist recovery community and I like what I've been learning in reading and talking with Buddhists about their concepts and practices. Changing my diet in various ways has been helpful in getting out of that "need-gratification" mentality of which I think my addiction was an extreme form.

I think it's also been helpful to regard recovery as part of a larger process of changing my outlook on life. Like I've been rereading some old favorite authors, like Thoreau and Whitman. I think to myself now, this has nothing to do with recovery, but if I take a few cues about approaching life as they did, how can I possibly want to use?

Just a few thoughts from a fellow newbie...

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Thanks for the good ideas and encouragement x. At last iv found a place where I feel I fit.
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