What would you do? Klonopin

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What would you do? Klonopin

i have 2 years sobriety and i was prescribed Klonopin by a doctor. I have OCD and he was concerned about my anxiety.
I take it as needed. I usually take 1/2 a pill. I took a full pill last week and it really felt the effects. Now i am concerned that i lost my sobriety.

I did feel pretty loopy, so i am now concerned that i unintentionally lost my sobriety.
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If you didn't drink then your sobriety is not effected. Taking medication for any illness as prescribed by a qualified physician does not change your sobriety time. I've been sober nearly 4 yrs and I take anxiety medication, I generally take less than the prescribed amount, w/o the medication I would have a lot more difficulty functioning in social situations and quite possibly would be more at risk of spoiling my sobriety.
I take Clonazepam which I believe is the same as Klonopin and initially it did make me a bit "loopy" but that didn't last long.
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As long as you take it as prescribed, I think it is okay. It does not sound like it is triggering urges to drink or use it abusively.
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My psychologist wanted to put my on anti-anxiety meds. I told her no. The reasons are personal and may not have any value to you, so take my elubrications with a grain of salt: First, I am less anxious than I have been in forty years. I can still get spun up by simple everyday interactions, but it is so much better than it was. So she sees the pathology of me not being able to do everything 'normal people' do, and I see the growth of being able to do so much than I used to be able to do. Two, I would be self-medicating. Yeah, a MD is involved, but I have never had a problem getting whatever I want from a Dr. (I once went in for a cold and walked out with a ginormus bottle of Percocet.) So, for me, it would be a step in a direction that would end up getting me drunk.

Like I said, the above reasons are mine and may make no sense to anyone else. (That happens to me a lot, and I am ok with that.) As far as unintentionally losing you sober time - well Oak and Judy make excellent points. I think your intention is just as important as your action. Perhaps we should count recovery time by the date we wanted to stop and couldn't? Intention was really the first step wasn't it? IMO way too much is made of 'sober time', as if how long you have been on the path has any relationship to where you are on the path.

Good luck with however you decide to look at this. That is really the most important thing.
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