Just not a 'group' person

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Just not a 'group' person

A life long friend of mine told me one day in conversation "you and I just aren't group people". I never really thought of myself that way but it's very true, I've always been a 'solo' type. It seems our society condemns those who aren't 'joiners' and frowns upon people who like to be alone.
I really like SR, but I'm just still turned off and left feeling 'exposed' and just icky often after being in a face to face group for dealing with major, personal issues, and also has only added on more problems.
Does anyone wlse feel this way?
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azureseas (03-26-2011)
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Hi penny...
I've never been a group person either...especially when it comes to reaching you I feel exposed...I think for me it comes from trust issues...I've been attending some meetings, and I dread when they ask me to share...I know you don't have to but at some point you should....I'm going to meetings to try and overcome this...and help me grow more...I'm just doing baby steps....I think the more we do it maybe the more comfortable we may feel....I guess time will tell!!
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I'm definetly not a 'group person' and often describe myself as a loner. I'm ok in the company of 1 other person and possibly 2 people but any more than that and I feel I become invisible and I prefer being alone. That's why when I quit drinking I did it on my own, I had drank 98% of the time alone so I figured I should quit alone, I tried the group thing but felt it just made things worse for me.
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Hi Penny.

Finding your own way that makes recovery more effective for you is a good strategy. There is more than one way to recover and if it is finding a way that has the most meaning for you, that's good.
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pennywistle (03-17-2011)
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If you ever feel you need support, SMART Recovery has online meetings.
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I've never been a people person period. Ive always been a loner and always preferred it that way. I have a hard time finding another with a like mind so I keep to myself. I am grateful for SR for that very reason. You are def. not alone!
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