Is Knowledge of your Physical Ailment.....

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I've read that alcohol is actually a much bigger "gateway" dru than any other.
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I can see that, LaFemme. It's easily accessible, legal, doesn't carry the social stigma of harder drugs, and as such, as Supercrew noted, can sneak up on you before you know what happened. It also lowers inhibitions, making you more likely to try something you ordinarily wouldn't. I read somewhere that the two drugs most often abused in tandem are alcohol and cocaine, basically because the coke takes the sleepiness out of being drunk so you can drink all night.

Personally, I went from alcohol to meth, that was the first illegal drug I ever tried. I didn't do softer drugs like pot until a couple months after I started doing meth, and then only because someone happened to have it while I was waiting on my dope to show up at my dealer's house.
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Originally Posted by LaFemme View Post
I agree with you luckedog, this section of SR is the place where I feel like people approach this problem with an open and seeking mind. I also am a very spiritual person, although I would probably fall under the category "New Age Christian" because I have some hippiesh ideas, I kind of feel like Jesus was the first hippie:-)

Here are the links:

The Impact of Diet and Nutrition on Recovery

An Alternative Alcoholism Treatment - Diet and Nutrition

Alternatives for Alcoholism
Thank you so much for the links LaFemme! I'm sorry I'm so late getting back to you. I'm not a computer whiz and I'm not getting email notifications when someone responds to something I posted. I'll have to go to my preferences and fix that I guess. But, thanks so much!

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