What is Atheism?

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Originally Posted by carlri View Post
So you could care less, meaning you care a lot, or you care some, but could care less?

Or did you mean to say you couldn't care less?
Sory about that gramatical error, you're right , I "couldn't care less " describes want I meant, Thanks ,

Windysan, No I "ain't" kiddin'. We have alot of outsider art down here in the Gullah culture. ... Folk artist with no formal art education refer to ourselves as " outsider artist " Sam Doyle,Amos Hummel, Allen Fireall , Zelda Grant, Al Davis etc. Now I've never considered myself an "artist" , esp. in that co. !!!!! ( I consider all their work in the catagory of "fine art , " Since I've never heard the term "outsider designer " just means I have no formal education. I always thought of my craft under the catagory of "Decorative Art " ....never had the egotism to contemplate it any other way

Work from 78-2005 were all custom designed commissions. Mostly carved glass and leaded cut glass permanently installed for residential use. ecclesiastical stained glass ? ,not really only several local black churches, .. a few hospital chapels.

Looking at that term today ---, "outsider commercial glass artist " it does look like a joke !!! or worse,
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I went to a Presbyterian college for my first undergrad degree. They had an absolutely fabulous 35-foot tall stained glass of Jesus in the campus chapel. It was really quite impressive. Outside the building they had the name of the university on a sign right underneath the stained glass of Jesus. Walking to class one day I noticed some of the letters were missing from the sign. Someone (frat row was only a block away) had removed the letters S-O-U-L from the sign. And so for about 3 weeks until new letters were ordered (and this time welded in place), we had no S-O-U-L, right there in front of the chapel.
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I think this is an interesting thread for me.

Im from a melting pot of religious believes; my Dad was an atheist, my mother non religious, one brother a scientist, another into paganism, one grand-father a politician and into spiritism, another a scientist interested in Oriental religions.

I learned psychology and I have always liked the idea of a profond wisdom inside of every human soul rather than God, although I wont rule it out altogether. I strongly believe in the powers of nature, so my higher power is a mixture of natures energy, collective wisdom energy, my twelve step group and my ancestors.

The religion I like the most is from my Nordic side. Its a belief that our departed loved ones are with us, help us and guide us when needed. They are not worshipped, they are just ordinary people who we can ask to help at any time. To me, this is what Im most comfortable with.
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Ah yes, the "I could care less" mangled phrase.
That one is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me (btw, do they still have chalkboards in school today?)
Next time someone says that to you, ask them how much less they could care and then see if their head tilts sideways like a confused dog.

I'm going to start The Church of Approxapathesism for people that could care a little less if there's a god or not.
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I said molybdenite correctly the first time I saw it, but... Approxapatheism?!?! Sheesh.

LOL. I needed a laugh tonight. Thanks!
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