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Intelligence Squared

Hi. I haven't been around but finals are close enough to over that I feel safe coming up for air. I found a cool site, not specifically recovery oriented: based in the UK. Everything that I've seen just rocks but a *not to be missed* segment:

Intelligence Squared - The Catholic Church is a force for good in the world

There's also very active atheist forums on facebook (which is where I found Intelligence Squared), and dependency/recovery are frequent subjects. It's good stuff for us "non-deity-driven" sober people. The "drive-by's" by good Christian folk are rarer and often ignored all together, so no casualties.

I care about so many people here. I'm sorry I haven't had time. FT work and FT school has dominated my life. As of 10 am tomorrow (my last final), it's over. I'm pedigreed and can have life again.

I hope everyone is doing well. I have missed this quirky place.
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I saw that debate Misty, it felt more than a bit one sided lol

What possessed the pro side to pick the debators they did is beyond me.

Hitchens and Fry were pretty much unbeatable though (especially Stephen Fry when he asked "then what are you for!").

Another good one is "New Atheism is the New Fundamentalism", Richard Dawkins and AC Grayling are truly impressive.

Glad to see you back
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thanks, misty.
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