alternatives to aa

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alternatives to aa


I hope that no one perceives this as AA bashing, that's not my intent. I was very involved in AA at one point, had over a year sober, worked the steps, had a sponsor, but disagreed with many of the philosophies and couldn't buy into the overall message of powerlessness, etc. so I quit going. I am searching for other sober support options and wonder if anyone can make recommendations.

thanks in advance!
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SMART recovery.

Meetings can be both online and face to face.

I have provided a link to meetings in your region.

SMART RecoveryŽ - Meetings


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Hi Daisy2

Here is a link to a list of AA alternatives which you can also find at the top of the Secular Connections page titled Secular Web. Hope it helps.

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thanks folks. day 3 sober woohoo! I am encouraged to find this site and to see that people are encouraged to try other alternatives if AA isn't what they want.
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My alternative was chocolate. I got a really good stepping stone with AA and I think the 12 steps can be very helpful, just the meetings and sponser stuff wasn't for me. I kind of re-worked the steps to suit me and have been quite successful. oh yeah the chocolate/sweets made me gain 30 pounds but I have as of today lost 20!!! of those pounds, I was too skinny when I drank as I didn't eat so I needed to gain some weight.
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Hi daisy2 to Secular Connections.

I work what would be considered an alternative recovery program. My personalized addiction treatment includes many resources and being here at SR is one of them. Hope to see more post by you here in the secular zone.
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Daisy, you will find many alternatives to AA...there isn't just one path to sobriety. Good luck!
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Reach Out and Touch Faith
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Daisy2, this is a great forum to discuss alternative secular programs. The best place to start would be the link Daisy09 posted. I works SMART Recovery, and there are a couple good threads on the different programs here in Secular Connections.

However, to avoid discussions/flamewars of which program forms work best, we avoid discussing the 12 Step programs in Secular Connections, which is why I'm locking this thread.

Alternatives to 12 Step Recovery
LifeRing-Smart-SOS, CBT, Problem Solving, Self Management, Self-Empowerment, Rational Thinking, Positive Lifestyle Changes, Self Assessment, Commitment and Follow-Through, Self-Acceptance, Motives and Goals, Peer Support.
12 Step Programs are off topic for this forum and posts discussing 12 Step Programs will be removed. Please use the Secular 12 Step Forum for positive topics on Secular 12 Step Recovery.
Thanks for understanding and knowing that it is not personal.
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