Getting sick of being 'different'

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Getting drunk is bad form amoung 'normal people' -- and normal is a setting on a dryer -. At the end of the day, your relationships wll deteriorate.

Drinking alcohol to get drunk is a bad reason to drink. That means that you get drunk in order to do things drunk that you would not do sober. Unwise.
There are harmless reasons to drink alcohol. Drinking to get drunk is not one of those reasons. Drinking to get drunk is, in and of itself, an important warning sign.
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do you have a problem with akahol?
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I have many friends today who understand that I don't drink or drug and don't question it at all. If I meet people who really make an issue out of it then I know they are not the friends for me. Be cautious not to set ourselves up for a relapse, be vigilant and talk about it with other recovery people. I even tell my AA friends if I am going out with non fellowship folks and sometimes they tag along. Not everyone has to wear their recovery on their sleeve. I don't. I go to concerts, festivals all with people who drink normally and i don't drink when I am with them. They have never asked me to drink. Once I said no they remembered and still enjoy my company. Bless you.

Besides, I like being a donut. Today, I am chocolate covered with sprinkles.

I should add a footnote: Three of my best friends are not in recovery. I met them through dog rescue. They don't even know I go to meetings and sponsor people. They accept me as I am. One of my friends had gastric by pass and she can't drink, the other doesn't drink for religious reasons and their spouses do drink. We are a funny blend of friends!!!! Embrace your new life. The best part about being in recovery is that we get to be present for all sorts of people I am glad to hear you sharing the challenges. We can do it.

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