Physical symptoms?

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I could echo a lot of what has already been said. Your doctor is your best friend in this case, and the only person who can really tell you. The torture (and this is exactly what it is) of wondering how much damage you've done will have you up at 4:30 AM googling medical journals on the toxicity of alcohol, while at the same time gulping down drinks. I've been there, and it is completely miserable.

For myself, I've been struggling with minor vision impairments (floaters), which although benign, take a heavy toll on my mental wellbeing - hard to appreciate a nice sunny sober day when there are all these darn spots everywhere!

So the odds are, you're probably fine. But see your doctor, follow his/her advice, and know that it can get worse, way worse... Don't let good checkup results lull you into complacency, because over time with booze, they won't be good results any more. Not trying to create fear, but it's the reality of our situation.

Good luck!
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