Finishing your assignments

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I have a new assignment for myself. Then I'll finish up my CBA.

I am changing universities. The one I am attending is so negative and caused so much stress I've almost "fallen off the wagon" at least six times in the last year and a half. So within the next three days I will be applying to B***** University and switching my major from Liberal Studies (which I never wanted to major in) to Sociology/ Pre-Law. I can do it all online which will make it easier and they told me that if I attend B**** University I am a walk-in to their American Bar Association school. Their law school has a special program for appellate law which is what I want to specialize in.

Wish me luck!
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Good luck, Alera.
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Best of luck Alera.
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alera.....i'm glad you are making the change!

Sociology, social psycology and the law are the three areas i would studdy if i went back to school...

I worked in a law school for a number of years and i loved reading their assignments and the law review articles...

If you go...share your reading list with me ok
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Awesome, Alera!
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Oh good thread! I have been isolated from SR while on vacation.

My assignments, should I choose to accept them... ok I accept: Go to 8am AA tomorrow, and clean room. It's beyond messy. It's _slovenly_.
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Okay, I have completed the application. I can't send off my transcripts and referral letters until Tuesday so I'm off to work on my CBA.
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