Insomnia, withdrawal & Suboxone

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Insomnia, withdrawal & Suboxone

Hi all,

M has recently tapered off of his Suboxone, but thinks he did it too quickly too soon (it was not obtained though a Dr.) He has made an appointment to see a doctor to get some more, legitimately. He has not relapsed, but says he's very tempted because he can't sleep. He told me previously that this is what troubled him the most in the past when he tried to quit. I guess I'm just not knowledgable about withdrawal symptoms - is not being able to sleep common? Keeping in mind that my point of reference is movies and after-school specials, I had always thought of opiate withdrawal as sickness, like sick to your stomach or something. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Thanks for sharing,
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I think insomnia is normal for a heroin addict coming off it. My dad never did suboxone but he did methadone and he had insomnia for quite a bit coming off that. When he went cold turkey off heroin he got insomnia.. I think it's all part of the withdrawl symptoms. On heroin you have a weird sleeping pattern because it can cause you to just nod off getting your body clock all screwed up.

Usually opiate withdrawl is physical sickness (nausea) but the tapering helps prevent that a little, I think. If you go cold turkey off heroin or methadone or suboxone you're likely to feel really really sick and in a lot of pain.. just my own experience with my dad. It's differs for everyone.
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