6 years ago today

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6 years ago today

I walked into the crazy peoples house and quit doing bad, icky things to myself.
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I'm glad you did windy (hug)

Thanks, I'de say something nice about you but i know it just embarrases just close your eyes and imagine it (hug)

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Congratulations crazy man, your 2 step plan is a success lets market it :ghug
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bona fido dog-lover
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Congratulations Windysan! I love your simple 'program' by the way! ONly two rules and number one is most important.
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Congrats Windy. Glad you are here supporting the rest of us who are just starting out.
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You're one of the stranger people here, Windy - and I guess that's why I like you.

Congrats on 6 years of no longer doing icky things to yourself.
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Just livin' the dream
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Congratulations, Windy!

You are one of my favorites don't say much, but what you do say always makes me laugh. Hope that's how you intend it.
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Just say no.. to icky things!!!!

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Good for you ! Thanks for still sticking around to give your bits of wisdom ! I appreciate them !
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Right on windy.

Although you & I don't see eye to eye on many things having to do with recovery, I always get a kick out of your posts. Thanks for that.
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You rock Windy!
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Six years ick free! That's fantastic windysan.

Congratulations, and keep carrying on.

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congrats on six years!!!!
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Just livin' the dream
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Are you one of those Cajuners who
sucks the heads off of Crawfish like
like i do?

That's good eatin if i should say so
myself....HOT & SPICY.....Yum!!!!

From one Recoverying Cajun to
another....Happy 6th..!
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Never settle.
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Congrats, dude.
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Congrats Windy!

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Adventures In SpaceTime
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Thumbs up

6 years n' goin' strong!! YAY WINDY!!
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Excellent going Windy.
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Up from the ashes
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Well done, windy.
Look at me! Iím doing the two step!
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