Supportive vs. Co-dependent

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Since we're talking about our families.. My best friend that I grew up with is a late stage alcoholic/drug adict. I don't know how many months he has left. I used to try to put it aside when I talked to him, but it made made so depressed that I don't talk to him anymore. He's dependent on his parents for his alcohol and drugs and shelter, but if he didn't have them then he'd be dead. They've tried everything-kicking him out, rehab, therapy, etc but he still uses a LOT, non stop all day long for 9+ years. Hes 25.

One of my sisters has extreme OCD that has debilitated her. She cant work or talk to people, and shes totally dependent on my parents. She never, ever leaves my parents house because she's scared to go outside. She washes her hands a million times a day and refuses to touch the phone. No one can walk behind her because if they do she takes a shower.
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OK..i just had a thought...what if i stop worriying about them...about helping or hurting other people..not in a cold way..but instead maybe i should just be who i am?

doesn't worrying about helping or hurting really come down to control as well?

I know i was struck when someone once told me help is the sunny side of control..but it fit's my mom to a T.

just something i am considering .... that seems like a boundry of sorts...
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