3 day right of rescission? Urgent!

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3 day right of rescission? Urgent!

I am asking for my money back. Anyone know about 3 day rights of rescission (consumer has 3 days to cancel a sale).

After going to "clinical" this a.m. wherein they passed around a form asking questions like...what is your sobriety you have a sponsor...if not, why not?...have you prayed to your higher power this week, have you prayed for anyone else...

Here I am sitting in a group of kids, average age 20, and we are supposed to go around and "share." I got up, talked with my case manager, explained I want my money back and that this place was misrepresented. She called the therapist in, the sales guy, I told them the same thing. I went to the sleep group, wherein I had to listen to same kiddos talking about drug dreams, walked out, then went to the cross addiction group at 11 which I could have taught myself.

Anyway, already talked to my friend who is willing to come and pick me up today, if necessary, or tomorrow and drive me back to AZ after this fiasco.
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From what you have described, I'd get out too. It seems that they would atleast have to refund the majority of your money if they misrepresented what they offer. I thought I was gonna have to do the same thing when I went to treatment, but the in-house AA/NA meetings we had to go to weren't really like the real thing. No real indoctrination, they just wanted people to be familiar with the type of support that was available on the outside. Our meetings were just like group therapy no matter what label they put on it. And the program itself was based on Choice Theory (CBT principles).
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The 3-day right to cancel is generally a state law and I have no idea if it's the law in CA or not. My only other question is whether the law applies to services as well as products. But, if it is a CA law and does apply to services, you are correct: you should be able to cancel the contract within 3 days.

ETA: look on the back of your contract, and/or read all the fine print. There SHOULD be a clause defining your right to back out if indeed that law applies in CA.
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Hire a lawyer if they don't refund your money. If they're not helping you and they're telling you that easter bunny "spirituality" is gonna cure you and you ain't buying it then demand your money back or at least have them pro-rate it and you only pay for the days you've been there.
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