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Originally Posted by doorknob View Post
I'm takin' a break from SR for a while. I'm having panic attacks when I get a PM and having bad dreams about interactions here. Just don't want peep's to think I went MIA. Peace, Paul
Hopefully you'll be back soon, had to share this, that bit about bad dreams triggered something.
Had this dream the other day, I came here and on the main forum page there was a banner "SR's Woman Of The Year" "her name":wtf2
The non-recovering crack addict ex. Like all bad dreams, the brain kicks in and tells you "this can't be right" and you wake up.
Hopefully, you'll find this as funny as I did when you come back.
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I'm just a little unwell
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Originally Posted by joinedintime View Post
DK, you were gone for a whole 5 mins before TSH said she missed you. That's impressive.

TSH, I know you meant you will miss him while he's gone. I just thought it sounded funny after 5 mins. If I'm ever going away and it takes like a day or more to be missed, I'll be real bummed. Ok, wait, I'm not a legend...let's go 3 or 4 days
LOL - in my defense, I DID say, "I'll miss you" - which is short for "I will miss you". Gawd, make me out to be a stalker or something...
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trying to get it right
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ty doorknob

i really appreciate what your posts have done for me!!!!! i will miss you dearly!

take care, peace and love to you always
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kinda boring really...

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Reach Out and Touch Faith
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DK, thanks for taking the time to let us know you are taking a break. I have been there myself and it does the brain good sometimes to get fresh air. :ghug3
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Originally Posted by TryingSoHard View Post
LOL - in my defense, I DID say, "I'll miss you" - which is short for "I will miss you". Gawd, make me out to be a stalker or something...
My bad, you're right. You did say "I'll".

However, now you're in big trouble. You said "Gawd".

But seriously, I hope DK is doing alright taking a break.
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Thanks, homies.
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Thanks for letting us know DK and have a good time off - will miss you a lot - you're such a support..
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Thanks for the heads up, very best to you. You are very much needed here.

I had to take an unintended break from SR for the last 3 days....bout drove me nuts. :P
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