Drug Myths

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Drug Myths

Addiction Science Research and Education Center: Drug Myths
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Alcohol given in the form of “airshots”, Everclear, or Jello shots are safe.
Did anyone ever believe that?
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This may be before your time Stone but Bill Cosby believed this about the Jello shots.
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It was his fault then.
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12. Ecstasy is highly addicting. Although this may very well turn out to be true, there is no evidence that ecstasy is addicting. Most people don’t use it long enough to produce serious withdrawal symptoms or signs of “impaired control”. Because of this lack of data, it is not clear whether users of ecstasy will satisfy the necessary criteria for “chemical dependence”.

This reminds me of my psychology degree, "more research will be necessary to make my BS true".

Seriously, every "study" we did, it was de rigeur to say "more research is needed".
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LSD causes “madness”. While LSD causes hallucinations, these are temporary and somewhat different than the hallucinations of schizophrenia. Long ago, clinicians gave LSD to human volunteers to produce psychotic symptoms, so they could test potential new anti-psychotic drugs on the volunteers. LSD in normal people, however, does not cause “madness”.

i know from personal experience this isnt true at all. i hate when people assume it is true!
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