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Maybe the title of this thread should be "let's Rip on AA" because my secular friends that's exactly what is going on here. Whatever path your road to recovery is , negativity does not help.

Yeah, this will probably irk some of you, so be it. I read this forum a lot, because when you guys aren't talking about how much AA sucks, I actually learn quite a bit.

Seriously, where is a thread like this going to go? Some place positive? not likely. Alcoholics and addicts suffer from a sense of separation already, this kind of stuff perpetuates those feelings.

I respect you guys are not down with AA, God, or the program, fine by me. I only chimed in because these posts do nothing to promote a healthy attitude towards life, regardless of what brand of recovery one chooses. WE all need to think about this, myself included.
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Rob, if society didn't force this stuff on us on a regular basis, there would be no need for us to blow off some steam. Unfortunately, that is not the case... unless we want to completely isolate, we are constantly bombarded by this type of thinking. Some of us do go to meetings and read the 12-Step forum, where our types are lumped in with convicts, liars, thieves, and dream destroyers. And if we stand up for ourselves, we are thrown out of meetings and have our posts removed. Right now, I'm actually having 12-Step treatment being forced on me by the Department of Health and Human Services of WA state. So... I need a place to vent!
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DK, sorry you are having a negative experience with AA. However, this forum is to discuss Secular Recovery not to bash any other program.

For this reason I'm locking this thread. Let's put some positive stuff out here on Secular Recovery.
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