Fantabulous Secular Connections Check-in Part III

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Take a break, lol... with a working computer, is like a crackhead with a loaded pipe saying their gonna save it for tomorrow.
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Thought it might be harder than it sounds DK!
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Glad you are sticking around DK but I have to say that it appears that you are a Sober Recovery addict. Now someone will have to start a website for SR addicts that want to kick the habit.
I am just a heavy user. It is affecting my sleep though when I wake up at 3AM and have an uncontrollable urge to post something. I will admit to going into dangerous neighborhoods on the site and reading posts I know will annoy me because they are the only new ones but I haven't posted on them yet.
Am I in denial? Am I a SR addict?
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Never settle.
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Originally Posted by doorknob View Post
Take a break, lol... with a working computer, is like a crackhead with a loaded pipe saying their gonna save it for tomorrow.
Right. Been there.

I spent yesterday pissing off absolutely everyone I spoke to. The only "real world" friend talking to me today is my BF. My parents aren't even taking my calls. And strangely, I'm cool with that. The friends are still doing pills and whatever and I don't really care if I talk to them again. And my parents and I have never really gotten along. I think it might have just been a little meth hangover but I've never had that reaction before and it was horrible!

And... ahem. I spent large parts of yesterday sitting in my house, alone, drinking beer, and becoming pissed off at everyone, some who deserve it but most who don't.

But I'm in a much better state than yesterday. Back on the wagon. Starting over.
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glad gneiss (hug)

Fubar....jeeez what are we gonna do with you *shakes head and rolls eyes*
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Helllooo to all the secular peeps!

I'm checking in and want you to know that I think of all you even if I'm not posting. It's just that this forum deal has always been difficult for me...something about writing, waiting, a snip here, a snip there, and it's just so damn anonymous! Maybe more is said in PMs than in posts, but guess I'm not a PM kind of girl, or writing takes up so much time that I get a bit frustrated with myself.

Anyhoo, still sober, still going to AA, made some friends, helping others, working out the kinks to all this life stuff. I have to say it's rather nice having the phone ring and dialing out myself. After a few months of internal upheaval I'm feeling calmer.

No, still no sponsor or assimilation. But for an isolationist like me it's been good to get out of myself and away from the computer.

Continuing to experience and, hopefully, expand the mind and grow(up). Hah!

Hope you are all well. I'll check back in soon.

Love and hugs,


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Reach Out and Touch Faith
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And its time for a new thread again!
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