Thank goodness..

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Thank goodness..

..I finally decide to stray away from the one or two forums I felt 'allowed' (my own feelings) to be in a s a newcomer -ish!

I was getting so irate about the AA pushing, but really didn't want to be offensive or out of order. Ok if I join you all here?

I am on day 8 now - after blowing four months, and want to stay around for a bit longer.

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Welcome cool mummy, stick around, this place is fun!!
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Welcome, Coolmummy!
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glad your here coolmummy
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Glad you are here and I know how you feel.
There is a couple of posters pushing the AA thing lately and I am getting annoyed at it too.
I use the ignore button so I don't have to listen to the hard corers.
I love to hang at the class of January because everyone is real cool. Come check us out. You can be an honarary member.
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Welcome coolmummy! We'll have to think of a shorter nickname for ya!

This is a safe place, it's totally right imho to find your own path to sobriety.

AA works for a lot of people, but it isn't the only way - that seems to get forgotten by some.
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This be were the smart folk hang. I ain't one of em but I feel comfortable not having to deal with the proletizin and whatnot.

Keep coming back. LOL
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I'm just a little unwell
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Hi CM!!

Glad to have you here with us.

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CM, I don't like the AA pushers any more than I want someone knocking on my door trying to convert me to Jehovah's Witness or whatever. Some of the AA stuff makes sense but you have to be able to take what makes sense for you. You're doing fine exploring SR. Congrats on the 8 days.
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Glad youre here!:ghug3
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Thank you! I'm not a prolific poster - I will post if I feel I have something to say or add, or need to go arghhhh! I hope that's ok. Feeling good today - no urge to drink, no urge to do much really. Have been glued to James Frey's books for the past two days. Don't know if anyone has any thoughts on him?

call me sara by the way - as that is my name!!

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