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writing from

ever write from your soul?

its the writing that bothers me. I've been atheist a long time, nearly a decade, and journal a lot.

Usually can tell where i'm journaling from when reading afterward. my balls, my gut, my heart, my soul. Or a mixture.

Or is that from lack of a better word than soul? seems religious to me more than an actual part.

Though does seem to be the one that is always on top. Higher than the greater good, or whatever beyond the self or people and causes one knows.

do all people have souls? Or is it a ridiculous term that means nothing?
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Hello, msh. Some people believe in souls...I do not. There is no right way or wrong way to think about it--people put meaning into everything. It's what humans do.

What matters is what you feel comfortable with.
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I don't believe in souls. I think when we're doing something from the soul-like writing or composing music or painting, we're putting the sum of our life experiences and emotions into it by default. That is, if we aspire to be artful (whatever that means lol), then we'll try to express our views in our art in ways that are meaningful to us.

To me, if you're a good writer (blessed with good writing genes and practice), you'll write well, whether its coming from the soul or not. lol
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I think being emotionally available in my writing would be speaking from my heart or maybe my soul. I think the opposite would be to analyze my emoticons and write about my thought on feeling.
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I don't beleive in the soul in the traditional use of the term as something that survives beyond the human body or that is something unchanging within a person.

but that's just me...
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