Can I say merry christmas??

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Can I say merry christmas??

Hi...might be a no-no....but wanted to wish all of you a happy secular or unsecular christmas...what ever fits for you!

I care about all of you and am so glad you let me post on this thread!

we stand together!!!!!!!!!

Now I'm off to moms in about an hour...if i can find a pair of pants that fit..that might be a severe problem.....
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Of course you can say Merry Christmas, it doesn't really have much to do with religion these days does it? My family don't even call it Christmas. And this is how I explain what we do at this time of year:
We eat a turkey because that's what Jesus had for his last supper.
We have a Christmas tree because Jesus was crucified on a Christmas tree.
We pull crackers because theye were Jesus' favourite thing.
We watch the Queen's speech on tv because we know Jesus would want to if he were here.
We have tinsel because Jesus wore a crown of tinsel when he was crucified...

I guess my point is that you can have an awesome time at this time of year and o all the traditional things but it doesn't have to mean anything other than you are with loved ones and you give people presents to show they are important to you.

So have a Merry Christmas everyone!!
PS This year on top of our tree we have a model of Yoda wearing a Santa hat and a fake beard, he has a Candy Cane instead of his usual cane.
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I do appreciate your precipitation in the secular forum Anan. I have grown in my recovery thanks to all the wonderful people here at SC and especially those that share their wisdom, experience and strengths along with the joys and sorrows of life in the secular forum.

Here's a holiday card from NASA.

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Happy Holidays everyone!
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Have a lovely time over the holidays everyone, in my family this is a time of year when we spend time together and eat too much, give gifts and have fun it has nothing to do with christianity.

My sisters are lightweights when it comes to drinking so Im not even tempted to join in, two glasses of wine and they are giggly idiots (but in a nice way), Im repaying their kindness to me by babysitting over the festive season which is nice for me too as their kids are wonderful, (plus I get major brownie points).

I went to my nieces nativity play last week (she is in a catholic school) and when the head teacher told all the children to go to church on christmas day to wish baby jesus a happy birthday, the whole audience burst out laughing, dont know why that pleased me but it did.
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Happy, happy, babes in toyland, everyone!

Thank you all for being here, and best sober, peaceful wishes to you and yours.


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I got nothin'
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Merry Christmas, ananda. Happy holidays to all....if not that, then happy times!
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