Spectacular Connections Check-in Part II

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Time for a new thread!!!!!!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by Phaleron View Post
Drive down my way!
Hey, maybe we could meet somewhere in between. I'll take a look at the map and see if anything looks interesting.

Welcome to Odessa

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Originally Posted by ananda View Post
Time for a new thread!!!!!!!!!!!

*sniff* Was it something I said??

*checks to make sure I put on deodorant today*
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Originally Posted by TryingSoHard View Post
It's gotten very ... heated over there recently. Not in a helpful, productive, or supportive way. Just how I see it, though.

...Just got back from a visit...Yowza! It's bad over there!

Phew! I am so glad, happy, relieved, etc. that I have all of you to talk to over here!


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Hey, can someone call the next thread "Fantabulous Secular Conncetions Part (whatever the #)"?

It's like looking at a bad accident.....

...I can't turn away!

I'll come here later. Toodles!
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Locking this thread. Sorry it wasn't done earlier but I was on vacation.
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