The wrong way

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The wrong way

Brownies just ain't cuttin' it...

How to end the loop?

It's like watching those commercials: Head On! Apply Directly to the forehead!

Except for me it's: "Brownies (or pizza, or pot roast, get the idea)! Shove 'em quickly in the mouth!

I'm going to explode if I can't stop this soon. I'm looking for some short term solutions. Is there any way that I can stop this strong desire to constantly put food in my mouth? I am not hungry at all...I can't stop. Anyone with any tricks--even something that remotely relates? I wasn't like this a month ago.

I need to get the record to move onto the next part (If I don't I'll be breaking the scales soon ).
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LOL I feel your pain Bam...I gained a few pounds after I quit smoking in June....I can't just eat one devil dog I need the box!

What I did? I started running...could barely get around the block at first but 3 months later I am running 3 miles 4 or 5 times a week. Combats some of the extra calories, firms up the caboose and keeps me mindful of my heath.

Don't worry about the scale, its just a number. Sobriety is much more important right now!
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it helped me to eat yogart with frozen strawberries...probably healthier, but mostly satisfied my desire for sweet and had lost of flavor which is part of what I craved.

love ya bam!!!!!
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Ananda has a good idea there. Before reaching for the brownies, try something else...sweet, but healthy. Then PAUSE...wait and see if you still need the brownies. You are eating right now to kill the pain. Try just sitting with the will not kill you...I promise. Just try sitting WITH it first. Then, if you cannot take it much longer, have the brownies. What I am trying to say is just to PAUSE and give yourself a little time to think and really be aware of what you are doing. I really identify with you and have done the auto-pilot eating thing myself. Paying close attention is what put and end to it.

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