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Smile New To This Side

Hey everyone!

Most of you know me and many of you don't! My name is Vic and I am a addict. Gezzz I still don't like to think of that. Anyways I have been in recovery for quite sometime now. Mostly clean with a few lapses and those usually didn't last very long, but they lasted long enough to have me either loose everything that I owned or lost mostly my mental state of being.

I don't know what to really I will just go for it. My last high was May 25, 2006. However since that day, I have tried to get high on two occasions and both of the times I didn't get high, it wasn't dope. Now in recovery I have basically done AA/NA but mainly AA because the NA around here where I live is nothing but a gossip place and if you are not in a clique than you don't belong. It is sad but true. Another thing that I have fought with since I got into recovery is the issue about God, HP, or whatever. Although when something happens in my life I call it a God Shot basically cause it is something that happen that I have no idea how it all happened.

So I haven't started my sobriety date over although it wouldn't really matter one way or another to me. Right now though I am really wondering if we don't make too big of a deal about this recovery stuff and why not just get high. See now I know from that, I am not on very good ground.

So I have been really not doing the AA/NA program although I do go to meetings cause it is really the only social thing that I have or can get too. But I am really not whole heartily there if that makes any sense. So I am searching for another form of recovery. I have a friend here that I know has used this method and it has worked for him before. Actually I have quite a few friends here that use this method. So I am going to try something different. Now there is no way that I am putting down AA/NA for they have saved me more than not. But I need to find out why I am trying to attempt to get high, and I need to put a stop to this before the next time I get the idea into my head, and that time I might be getting some dope that not only gets me high but kills me. Than who would take care of my Dog Chance? LOL

So I have gotten a few links but haven't had time to read will try and read some yet today. So what is the programs that you all have? What do you do? Is there questions that I need to answer? Is there a book to get to read? What do I need to do right now? OMG enough questions already

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Great to see ya over here, Vic!
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just wanna say, great to make your acquaintance.
I've quite a bit to say, but unfortunately not right now, I'd like to give your post the response it deserves. Hopefully someone will be along shortly to detail their experiences with AA secular alternatives, going it alone and problems with a HP that are dealt insufficiently in the 'Chapter To Agnostics'.

Take care Chance
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Humm so now I am here in the dark no J/K

I am going to do some reading around here I know that this forum has been around for quite sometime and know quite a few from here and have respect for there recovery and even did when I was totally against anything other than NA now isn't that sad.

Well my mission for tonight or should I say my assignment is to do about one or two hours of reading. So since it is already 7pm where I live and I am a slow reader, I had better get busy.

I am really excited about this I truly believe that this is something that I have been wanting to do for quite sometime. I think the reason that I hadn't is because I didn't know if I would find any support but I am sure that I won't have a problem with that one now either. OK off to read might check back in before I hit the bed but have other things that I should probably be doing also LOL anyways...

Thanks again!
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hey Vic

got nothing to tell ya - my programme's 'don't drink/use even if your a$$ is on fire' - but good to see ya again

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One thing that I have checked out already is not labeling ourselves as alcoholics or addicts. of course unless I misunderstood that but if you noticed up in my first post on this thread I said

Most of you know me and many of you don't! My name is Vic and I am a addict. Gezzz I still don't like to think of that.
well the slide show says we don't ask people to label themselves as that and it is a bad idea. Hum I can actually relate to that because when you say the word alcoholic it does label yourself as a person that is not really liked too much in society itself. So that really caught my eye tonight or should I say my ear. That part came from the SMART recovery I have been basically at that site reading and listening to there things.

They have a worksheet but right now money is really tight (that is a understatement) so I will have to see like how many pages it is to print out and maybe I can drum up enough somewhere to get it copied at from the library for now or maybe they have the book at the library ya never know. OK that was almost two hours so I think that is pretty cool.

Also I was reading a thread that Alera started about CBA that was pretty neat also. I see that there is some writing to do on this recovery process as well. Which is cool I wonder if typing counts? It should right? I do love to keep it around for ever if there is such a thing. OK I am like a kid in new ground so watch out
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You have my support. SMART is a big part of my program. So I'll keep in touch with you here and at SNC. Speaking of SNC, I posted a CBA of mine in one of your threads. You'll see.
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Hullo. Nice peoples here.
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Vic, glad you got some info from my CBA thread.

Since I don't have a local SMART meeting it makes it a bit harder to "make" the meetings without someone to report to. I have found that writing the meeting times in a calender has been very helpful to get myself to the chat.
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