Please welcome Alera

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Please welcome Alera a new moderator for the secular forums.

Thanks Alera
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Hi Alera - we'll try to behave ourselves...if not just bring on the frying pans!
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thanks Alera.

i appreciate the first thing I read of yours about our favorite TOOL
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Alera! :bounce
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Goth mod. Awesome.
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oo. kewl!!
<----- this, apparently, is 'approve' LOL
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Love it! Thanks Alera!
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Welcome, just begining my true sober recovery and have been using the Smart recovery toolbox while waiting for my first counsellor Saturday who I hope has a structured program for my dual diagnoses. I have been coming here...well on the anxiety and mental health forum two years but finally reached out for help last week when I realized my self-help methods have not been working and it is to big a problem to handle alone. Now on day 2, back on meds 2nd week now to help me cope, just granted a 3 month sick leave to give me time to recover from relapsing,PTSD, anxiety, and to enter an alcohol treatment outpatient program. I asked for the help myself.
You'll see my name pop up every once in a while. Hope you enjoy the forums here as much as we do. And yes we'll be good and try to support each other as much as possible.
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Thanks, Alera, for giving so much now and always.
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Fantastic! Thanks Alera.
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Wow...look who's blue? It's you! Congrats Alera!!!
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Awww. Thanks to all of you. Without you, there wouldn't even be a Secular Forum for me to moderate.
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Dang, just when I find Jesus this happens. Dang. :bounce
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Thanks for your service work, here and elsewhere on SR!

Watch out for Windysan!
He's a pissa, ya know? :rof

Windy, you watch your behavior, now. We wanna keep Alera around!

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Welcome to the fold ALERA
Originally Posted by Jack Handy
One thing vampire children have to be taught early on is, don't run with wooden stakes.
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