fighting cravings

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Hi Straightshooter,

Not too much to offer here, except to say that I've been in the same crappy place quite a few times. Is there anyone you can call--someone who knows your addiction and won't be judgmental? Did you meet anyone in NA who wouldn't respond by telling you to go to meetings, contact a higher power, or whatever else made you sick of that program? I find that just talking to someone who understands gets me through a lot of cravings, even if it isn't exactly a fun chat. In fact, it sucks, but it got me through some hard days when I wasn't going to meetings.

Also, hang out here if you can and others will be along soon. You might want to also post in the substance abuse board--I think there are plenty of folks there who will understand where you're coming from.
Best wishes.
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Thanks, Yardbird.

I am having a little trouble concentrating right now since I'm in the gray zone at the moment. I will crosspost this on the substance abuse board. Hope that is allowed.

Also - too paranoid to talk to anyone I know in NA about this. Confidentiality among that circle pertaining to relapse is too chancy.
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Reach Out and Touch Faith
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I work a Secular program called SMART. Here are a couple of tools I found work with my cravings.



You can find more tools and help at
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Hey Shooter the best suggestion I got is to distract yourself the best you can. Something that requires total concentration. Some difficult task that you may have been putting off because of the use. Something that will give you satisfaction when completed. Distraction with a positive reward, retrain that brain bro, for now.
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ask the Lord to heal you and He wiill brother
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