Getting a Degree in Recovery

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Getting a Degree in Recovery

Over here in the blighty, we have what is called The Open University - a Uni thats service provides people with the chance to study a degree in their part time whilst working full time. You also don't need any prerequisites to study with them. I was wondering, does America have an alternative? It's one of my countries best institutions in my opinion. Lot of people who would have no access normally to a degree have it as an option...

In my second year of recovery, I took one up and am now half way through the five year degree. It has helped me immensley - broadened my mind, gave me tons and tons of new skills, and gives me something to focus on.

Highly recommended!
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Thanks theman.

Well, i don't know if this is exactly the same, but MIT offers something called 'MIT Open Courseware'.
All the courses they offer at MIT are available for a person to download and learn from.
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Yes, Congratulations!

I may have misunderstood-- are you getting a degree in the field of Recovery, or are you getting a degree is something else as a result of your recovery?

A degree in Sobriety-- if this isn't what you meant, couldn't someone turn that into a course of study? Addiction-Science/Biology/Psychology?

What is your degree in?

Again, all the best and congrats!

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I'm currently working full time while working on my doctorate. I attend classes two nights a week and on Saturdays, and for 4 weeks in the summer. Most universities here in the states have options like that. It is surely a grind, but will be well worth it when I'm done. Good luck with your studies.
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I'm doing a degree too, a 4 year Bachelor of Design of which I'm half way through. I got a Diploma in Visual Arts on the way too.

It's really helped me in so many ways.

We have an open uni setup here in NZ, called Open Polytechnic. I tried it for a couple of papers about five years ago but the learning style didn't suit me. Now I go to Uni and I've found the connections I've made have helped me grow so much. In fact, I've grown in so many ways when I look back starting higher ed was a real turning point in my recovery:0)
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