I'm ashamed

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I'm ashamed

Left the web - been drinking.

What can I say - I'm back. Where's Mungo?
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I haven't seen Mongo in a bit.
Why don't you PM him?

I hope you're ok. Glad you're back.
You can do this.

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Welcome back!
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Hi Jane, good to see you again.

I've not been posting much either as I've been struggling also.

I think the important thing to to get back to where we want to be. The periods of sobriety we did have are ours to keep, and we can use these positive experiences to help us achieve our goals.

Good luck to you. Please keep posting here if you feel it will help.

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Hi Ladyjane,
glad yr back. Don't beat yourself up too much about whatever happened.

One day/one day/one day/one day/one day/one day/.... etc.

take it easy,
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Hey jane, good to see you came back

and i know what you mean about the shame
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It's not Mungo as in Mary Mungo and Midge, it's Mongo the big friendly guy from Blazin Saddles.
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Mongo like beans

Mongo no know, Mongo only pawn, in game of life.

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Originally Posted by LadyJane666
I'm ashamed
(I cant believe I found this without spending several consecutive hours searching the net.)
“Michael Lewis, author of Shame: The Exposed Self. Guilt is a response to bad behavior. Shame, on the other hand, "is so powerful because it's about a defective self," he says. In shame, explains Lewis, the very self is "rotten and no good." That's why intense feelings of shame can actually drive people into shameless behavior, such as jealous rage.” (or deeper into addiction)

I believe in the importance of a healthy self-concept and one way for me to maintain one is to understand the power of self talk. Just as positive self-talk can help build confidence, negative self-talk can tear it down. Negative self-talk can make things seem more difficult than they are.

What I believe about myself as a human being verses my behavior can make or break my efforts to follow a healthy life style in the face of adversity.

With that said and as well said by others here at SR: let go of the shame or it will hold you down.
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Tsk - Don't be so English!

Originally Posted by paulmh View Post
It's not Mungo as in Mary Mungo and Midge, it's Mongo the big friendly guy from Blazin Saddles.
Thanks - but our friends across the pond can't spell anyway!

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