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Well, it's a quiet as a church here in the secular forum, so thought I'd check in...

I was walking down the street yesterday morning. It was grey, raining, blustery, I had a zillion stupid little things to do - pick up a package that arrived while I was away, get a few groceries, buy a gift for someone, have someone take a look at my bike, bulk-buy my favorite mints [this is how little it gets...] since the manufacturer has stopped making them and they are disappearing off the shelves of the stores, call my mother, call my sister, write a note to an acquaintance who's husband is ill...

And I felt the wind and the bits of rain on my face, and realized I was enjoying all these little tasks, just the day-to-day stuff. I wasn't hungover, I knew where I was the night before, I hadn't woken up in hospital or jail, I didn't have any strange cuts or bruises. I had no reasons to jump for joy, but no great problems either.

Sober life - in a way, it's no big deal. In a way, that's the point.
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Yes...I too do not miss the destructive lifestyle that
alcoholism created.

Balancing my check book to the penny
tickled me. Little things mean a lot!
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That's so true.

Shopping, walks, picking up a milk shake, house and yard work, going for a drive. Without a hangover and not in a rush to get beer and get tight. Even work is pleasurable, not trying to hide my shaking and sweating and wondering if people can smell it.

All these benefits of not drinking start to add up and one begins to realize more as time goes by. They sure beat the few benefits of drinking that I had left. Not a tough choice.

Keep well

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It is good to be able to walk and speak again.
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That retched self-loathing, dope fiend plotting, mind distorted cravings and scandalous animosity laden revenge seeking doper behavior I do not pine for, nor that far away from the first drink.

Yea, I like the mellow days filled with taking of business stuff.
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Yeah, it feels good to set some goals and make some worthwhile plans for the day, even if I don't follow through with all of 'em. It's good to finally come up with a daily plan that consists of something other than:

1. Go to store.
2. Buy beer and cheap wine.
3. Come home.
4. Get pickled.
5. Go to bed.
6. Repeat.
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Wow zencat, I love that sentence, I could feel it - frightening. Yea, I think I'll go for a mellow day too.
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Originally Posted by zencat View Post
filled with taking of business stuff.
Now I have the song from that television ad in my head (taking care of business...)

I do agree with you all. It is nice to be able to worry about the small stuff.
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nolo, that was awesome. Thanks. I've been in a "rut". But, you have the right outlook.. It's all very very good. No drama, no real problems...thank goodness! I need to remember these things, thats why I still haunt this place...for posts like yours.
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Thanks wandergrrl777, that was such a nice thing to say, it brought a tear to my eye. When I read your post I was far far from feeling serene or content, and it brought me up short and made me calm down and count my blessings once again.

It's a such a struggle for me to stay calm and hopeful sometimes, to keep things in proportion: I lose track so easily. My inner drunkard is still fighting furiously, against everyone and anyone, everything and anything, full of anger and resentment, obsessed with himself. So, it's a wonderful thing to have the kind words of others.

Have a great day.
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Yay - Mongo - you're still sober!

Wondered how you were. Got to do it again myself.

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yes, and they've got more and more frequent.

One of my fav sayings: "There is no more a profound feeling than a sick man one day waking up healthy".

Being sober means I can create my own peace and happiness. I did not use that facalthy much when on the ****.
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