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Just for fun

What kinds of crazy things would you trade to not be an alcoholic?

Weird question, I know, but I was thinking about it. I think I would be willing trade my 20/20 vision in exchange for no alcoholism. I could deal with wearing glass much better than this burden on my life

Or how about......darn I am already loosing my hair so I guess that doesn't count,heheh.

My job? sure I would trade my job for a cure to alcoholism.

Hmmm, this could probably be a long list.
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Hi Easytiger,
to be honest I wouldn't ask myself that question, or if I did, I'd drop it fast. For me, it would be just a way into day-dreaming that there's some kind of cure, or some kind of way of fixing things - somehow! somehow! - so I could drink normally again. And I can't. No ifs, buts or maybes. Just can't. There's no cure for me, I know that after long years of trying every trick and every strategy in the book.

No cure, but plenty of good ways of living with it. I just have to keep in a good state of mind and remember that it's not "how awful - I MUST not drink" but instead "fantastic - I never have to go through all that ever again".
That's my 2 cents anyway,
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I did give up my job for sobriety - walked out last week -literally.

I was working in a sales environment - highly paced/highly targeted and just not getting the results. I was walking out every day highly demoralised. The societal context was bad news for me to - my colleagues were all uber-cool, fashion conscious, huge personalities (aka read loud and obnoxious ) and I stuck out like a pig's bum in a temple of beauty. Feeling like I did was conducive to my drinking. So here I am with no job - but feeling happier and relieved. That to me, is hope that I can beat this thing.
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Good point that we do sacrifice things for sobriety. I have had to give up my social life and my friends.....well worth it though.
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Reach Out and Touch Faith
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I gave up my college education. I needed to relearn who I was before I was having teachers tell the newly sober me who they thought I was. However, I have since gone back now that my feet are on the ground.
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I guess the hard part for me is disassociating alcohol with fun.
I like people who drink. They're usually friendly, outgoing and love to laugh.
I like being one of those people at a party.

I don't like going to parties and shutting down, being introverted,
being scared to talk.
And alcohol's social lubricant enabled me to open up.

I wish I could keep my alcohol intake at that level,
to have the drug work for me, instead of becoming my master.

So, to answer your question, i feel i've had to throw away
an easy going party personality that i achieved through a few drinks.
And now i have to relearn how to interact gracefully.
I hope i don't become one of the people who comes to the party
reluctantly, stands around silently judging the others negatively,
and then leaves early.
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To not drink like a weirdo - I mean not to want to drink. I would give my toes.
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