need assistance

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need assistance

Hi all, I'm new to this forum and I love it. I am not a big fan of the AA way and I'm really glad that this forum has shown me there are alternatives out there. I am on day three of detox and feeling much better than day one...that was a hell all of it's own! I guess my question to you all is how has your life changed for the better since you got and stayed sober? I really could do with some inspiration to keep this up. Thanks,
Amelia x
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Hi Amelia. Welcome to the forum.

Realizing the positive aspects of quitting drinking has helped me a lot. In the last year I've had a lot of positive changes and Icontinue to experience benefits.

Improved Health
Weight loss
30 % salary increase with a promotion

Here's a link to a previous thread :

Good luck to you.

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Hi Amelia,
well done on your decision!
Sometimes - ten months after quitting drinking - I still wake up in a slight panic, having had a dream that I was drunk, or something. Then I realize that everything is OK, I'm sober, I know where I was last night, I didn't do anything awful or shameful, that I don't have to spend the day drinking more in a horrible vicious circle of self-hatred, self-obsesssion, shame, misery, and so on.

It's a fantastic feeling - for years, when I was drinking, I was utterly desperate, becuase I really thought that this was in my genes, or my blood or my bones or something, and I was doomed to have to repeat all this till I one day I didn't wake up anymore. But it is possible to stop and change, to get better. Take a look around at all the various help on offer. Don't dismiss AA out of hand either though - there's a lot about it i don't like, and I'm nowhere near fully "in the program" (don't do the steps, don't have a sponsor, don't believe in a Higher Power really), but there are a lot of useful practices and ideas and tools you can pick up and use there. Starting with "one day at a time" and "take it easy" - good thoughts for the first few days of staying sober.

Good luck,
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Originally Posted by *amelia* View Post
I guess my question to you all is how has your life changed for the better since you got and stayed sober? I really could do with some inspiration to keep this up. Thanks,
Amelia x
I have learned through SMART Recovery many things in my life that could be improved. Many of these things have nothing to do with using. I have learned to prioritize the things that I would like to change, and I am seeing the world with new eyes. I have seen where I have judged others harshly and hurt my relationships because I blame. I have learned how to prevent this in the future. I have shown others that I am a new person through my actions now. I have discovered that *gasp* I am also right sometimes. I have gone from someone who sat at home all day watching TV to a full time university student. I still have some very hard days but SMART helps me put things in perspective and 'very hard' days aren't as impossible as they used to be.
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