Bottles - How to Hide Them

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OMG! This thread takes me back. I used to hide bottles from myself but always found them eventually.One day I was "thrilled" when having nothing to drink at whatever time of the day it was, I found two bottles of wine in a cupboard. A lot of the time I deliberately went to different shops/supermarkets/off licences to get my booze but in the end, I was outside the corner shop at 8am. They knew I had a problem and viewed me with a mixture of contempt and pity. To "protect" myself from this, I used to wrap my "denial" in a bubble of invisibility, never made much eye contact and got out as quickly as I could. Getting rid of the empties was a nightmare and a palaver too. Always scared I'd be seen or heard. Thanks to AA and my HP I don't have to do any of this today.
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Oh wow.
This is one of the many things I thank God that I do not have to do today.
I LOVE not buying and hiding booze!!!!
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I know I'm a late-comer to this thread but... CRIPES! How scary is it that SO MUCH of that describes what I used to be like?!? Wow.

I so do not want to go back to that.
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I'm glad you bumped this thread back up. I'd forgotten how funny it was...sad, yes, but still funny to those of us in recovery. I never had to hide bottles, but boy, can I tell ya some places to hide a crack pipe!

Hugs and prayers!

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I'm just a little unwell
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Oh I laughed my butt off while I read it! And shook my head in shame at the same time... At least I can laugh at myself, eh? Actually I was floored at how many of those applied to me. I thought FOR SURE that I was the only person EVER to do some of that stuff...

Hugs back!
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I would hide bottles in my daughters closet on a shelf she couldn't reach and I knew my spouse wouldn't look there also under the guest room matress. He eventually caught on to that when I started sleeping in there more. The BBQ pit,in the pool equipment shed.Even in my nieghbor's backyard.
looking back I see how pathetic I was. But at the time I thought I was soooo clever.
Thank you for starting this thread. It made me take yet another thing from my drinking days and put it behind me and forgive myself for.
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The trash can was a great place to hide,who would ever think someone would put their bottle with trash (yuck)..also the washing machine..husband never does laundry...those were my favorite places.but had others....
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Hubby and I shared our habits, and we live alone, so we never hid the nightly fifth of scotch and bottles of wine and beer. No, I would wake up hung over and disgusted at the sight of them cluttering the tables, along with the other trash we were to lazy (drunk) to throw away. I swear the last five days my house is cleaner
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crap bright...i'm cleaning house right now! had sorta a rough 2 weeks and let it remind me of how bad it use to be and also how i can let the same lifestyle get me going again even without the booz if i'm not careful

Thanks and glad you are here!
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Almost choked when I saw replacing the drink in the 32 ounce cup! Why did I think I was the only person to think of that one?!

You know it's 'little' things of remembering things like that, when I really appreciate my sobriety.
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I agree this is a very good and timeless thread. I did alot of hiding and believe it or not my mind still tells me that I may not be an alcoholic. I have a dominating spouse so therefore I think this is why I had to hide it even though most of the time I was drinking with him. He just didn't allow me to have all I wanted!! lol Sometimes I have to thank my higher power for that because no telling how much I would of drank if it was open house. I didn't have very good hiding spots because it seemed like he was always finding bottles.
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