I cant do AA anymore EITHER

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Originally Posted by dgillz View Post
I think "getting tight" was depression era slang for getting drunk.
That phrase always puzzled me - I mean, getting drunk always seemed more like "getting loose" than getting tight...
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All recovery amounts to is different ways to justify sin, and eliminate the sins directly threatening one's life, while retaining the rest. The only recovery that works is giving up all sin.

I refer to sin, but not in the religious sense. Sin is any transgression across the bounds of Universal Justice, or Natural Laws governing three dimensional reality.
that was good. AA normally refers to these as character defects. call it sin, disease, whatever. in any event, whether using Catholicism or AA or other recovery (hey, some people ive met seem to 'naturally reover' through life, NEVER needing a group, therapy, etc.......we are all different) the point is we cant possibly let go of every sin or character defect or wrong principle ways of thinking.......all at ONCE. doesnt work that way. whether one uses a HP or a group or their own type of spirituality or non-spirituality....everything has its own process and takes time. that is where the real growth comes. while i acknowledge that some aspects of AA or other recovery programs might trip people up in that they dont get totally "clean" (sober) for their defects.........i have seen that in EVERY church, every human, etc. we are never at a point in life wehre we are fully unblinded, 100% aware, or perfected. we alwasy have sin or defect in our life that has not realized itself. always something to work on. i also agree that while forgiveness is not audibly granted in the Al-Anon meetings i attended......there was definitely understanding and allowance for sin/defect/wrongs/issues. i foudn the issue for me to be mroe that while forgiveness was "illustrated", i didnt like having to jmp through hoops afterward, to demonstrate my 'repentfulness'......because again, i think even repentfulness comes in waves, degrees, stages, times of understanding and awareness.
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Originally Posted by AwesomeMachine View Post
Secular humanists shall never be given authority to do anything besides litter the intellectual landscape with corpses. Secular humanists are the coming to pass of George Romero's Prophesy: 'When Hell is full, the dead will walk the earth'.

These are the undead, bodies without souls, attempting to eliminate the souls in living people through practice of the occult. Secular humanists have faith in many things. They are more faithful to dogmatic and systematic thought patterns meant to encase the world in darkness than Roman Catholics are to Doctrine meant to bathe the world in Light.
Sounds just like the plot of your average supernatural horror flick...
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CJ 50 --

I understand.
You have explained it very well.

It is correct, for you, to leave AA.

AA is not a lifetime membership. When it is not useful; it is time to leave.

When it is no longer useful, it is time to leave.

I believe that it is time for you to move on from AA.
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