Summer sports sober..

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Summer sports sober..

Hey all getting ready for our summer vacation 1 week camping in the mountains and 1 week at the beach. I am truly greatfull that I have paid vacation and a family(wife, 2 twin daughters 9 years old) to vacation with but this will be my first sober vacation in a long time. I am really anxious because I always blazed and drank beer in the past and my addictive voice is screaming at me to use while on vacation. I found a great non-alcoholic beer(Clausthaler) that tastes just like Heinenken and am going to make a trip to Borders to pick up a paperback or two to read at the lake/ocean.I seem to be doing ok with my sobriety when I am on my normal work/family schedule but weekends,holidays and vacation are a real problem. Does anyone else feel that????
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Vacations and Holidays are tough for me.

Why the NA beer? I think that can be a trigger in and of itself.
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im not a true addict....however i know certain 'rituals' seem to carry mental expectations for me. like vacations, traditions, special times that roll around once a year. i can almost break a daily routined 'bad habit' quicker cause im on top of it all the time; more aware or concious....either that or im 'pricked' by it more often when i screw up. but vacation times i get in an 'entitled' mode. "after all its vacation".......etc. it can be a deceiving, for me.
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Hope the vacation goes well. It's tough, I haven't even thought about that stuff yet. Guess I'm just trying to get through today...
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I am so jealous!!!
Vacations are hard for me.
Last vacation I took. I couldnt even tell you how the hell we got there and back.
Hopefully next one wont be that way.
Have fun!!!
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If you're in recovery, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

I'm doing the 4th of July again this year at the beach house. Traditionally, it's been a big party, and I expect all my good friends to be tying one on. I don't foresee any problems though, nor am I nervous about it.
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Boy do I know that. Weekends are always hard for me. Its because I have free time, and "the empty mind is the devil's playground" in a way.

I keep activities lined up if I have to. But once I let myself get bored, I'm in trouble with cravings and my mind will go back to thoughts of using.
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u can do it. just focus on being with your friends. it will still be fun. trust me. and you will remember it. it will be a memorable vacaction
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