Where I am coming from

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Where I am coming from

Hi, as I am sitting here drinking a beer at 7am after calling in to work I figured I would go ahead and post.

I spent the last 3 months sober until finally the desire to get a buzz got the best of me. So here I am risking my life with alcohol again. Anyways, tomorrow will be day 1 again. I'll see if I can make it a little longer than 3 months this time.

On the bright side I didn't let myself get to far back into my drinking habit this time and hopefully can get back on my feet again relatively easy.

I look forward to reading/writing in the forums some more as I begin my recovery again.
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Welcome to the SR forums, it's a great place for support, advice and just good conversation. I hope to see you around. Do you participate in any kind of recovery program, secular or 12-step. Just wondering. I personally have a jumble of different things I use to help myself, a major one being posting here. Personally I find it helpful NOT to count days. I just try to stay clean today, it's really the only day that matters. Guess that's one I picked up from the 12-step folks!! It works for me though. Take care.
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hey easy tiger,

how are you going to make it work this time - you going to aa or working any 12-step program? do you have sponsor?

nice to meet you, keep posting. and throw the beer out!

blessings, k
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Welcome Easy Tiger.

Good for you in choosing sobriety. Post as often as you like. Hope to see you around.
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Hi and welcome!!!!
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Hi there Tiger! Welcome. I'm glad that you're making the choice to post here. Take care of yourself today.
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its ok 2 slip up. dont be too hard on yourself. just get back up and try again. no one said it was going 2 be easy. u can do it
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Looking forward to your post tomorrow without beer in hand.
Keep on, keepin on. T
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Welcome Easy, I'm glad you're choosing life. Welcome to SR.
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Been a while since I have posted here. As you might have guest my last attempt to quit drinking was a failure....again, heh.

Anywho, I have 2 sober days under my belt right now and feel pretty good about it. I have the right frame of mind this time. That is to say, I am seriously pissed off right now about how I have let alcohol control me. I am ready to get my life back.

I even managed to get a hold of a bottle of campral to maybe make things a little easier. Honestly though, I feel that if I can just keep the attitude I have right now I am gonna make it quite a while this time.
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Way to go on 2 days clean Easy Tiger!

In my book attitude WAS the compelling force that got sober and IS keeping me sober today. I guess I don’t buy into all that jazz about how a person can’t get sober unless they have a HP or some other mysterious being/thingy, whatever, helping them.

What will also help is being proactive in your harmful addiction dependency recovery plan (you do have a plan?). Plus, being around supportive others that appreciate and respect your unique needs for recovery, whatever life affirming plan of action you have is indispensable.

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