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office space

So, just about everybody I work with is a booze hound. Each Friday the boss takes the group (6-12) out to happy hour. He pays so the turnout is usually good. I try to avoid it but haven't lately. It's especially difficult since I work with a half dozen attractive women from early to late twenties, in various states of eligibility. Our little office (think Dunder Miflin) are notorious for our off-campus events, although they pale in comparison to my mostly unknown exploits. Anyway, most people are in that 'getting drunk is swell' stage while I've been trying to quit for about a year and am in the 'getting drunk is hell' stage. I've had limited success quitting but since I haven't *fully* developed healthy avenues for social stuff I have a hard time not just going along. Working on it, K?

Next up is a company bowling night. A bowling alley is just a glorified bar, and they don't give a crap about bowling; it's just an excuse to get drunk. Day after that everybody will be looking at the pictures and getting sentimental about getting drunk the previous night. My boss even knows that I'm alcoholic and will probably understand if I skip it, but I'll get chastised by everybody else.

A day usually doesn't go by in my office that somebody isn't talking about beer this, or beer that, or whatever related to drinking. Or how much they drank - last Friday, last night, on a plane, hanging upside down, etc. Or planning the next time everybody goes out to drink. Or, cute little emails to everybody about some alcohol thing.

I don't say anything to them or comment when they talk like that. I lay low, after-all it's my problem. Occasionally I'll make a smart-ass comment like, 'that sounds about I score an 8-ball and throw down some fat rails for everybody?' They laugh uncomfortably, like there's some big ethical difference between one addiction/hobby and another.

It's just maddening. Some people got hired recently and somebody mentioned they checked out their Facebook pages and there were pics of them drinking and partying, so they'll fit right in. It's just making me crazy. I'm not looking for any particular advice, and I'm probably exaggerating a bit for dramatic purposes, but maybe some sympathy? Yeah, that's what I want...sympathy! Thanks for reading and good luck.
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Hi Ghost
Good luck with your work environment.

Speaking of drinking and bowling - one night years ago I had way too much to drink at a friends party. When I returned home for the night I got online and I ordered a tennis racket and a bowling ball. I don't play tennis nor do I bowl but it just seemed like a good idea at the time.
Best wishes always
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