I didn't pick up a chip.

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I too am at a turning point. I put together and implemented a comprehensive cutting edge recovery program on 1-1-07. It was the first time in my life that I tried to stop for myself. I really threw everything I had into it and still could not do it. I can not seem to get far enough along in the recovery process where using seems less and less attractive that I just quit for good. I picked myself up and started over. But one starts to wonder if a harm reduction approach isn't a better goal. I know that it is heresy in the recovery movement and abstinence for most addicts should remain the goal. Each individual person has to decide for them selves the path they wish to travel. Sounds like you used common sense and practiced harm reduction by not drinking and driving. I think the overall trend of ones recovery is what needs to be worried about, if it works it works. I think its not so much what you are not doing but what you are doing. I don't listen to some in recovery when they push the insane and inhumane idea that people need to totally destroy their lives before they can recover. You might want to check out the book "sober for good", by Ann Fletcher. There is a chapter on moderation and some people who were serious alcoholics who are able to drink at special occasions and celebrations without returning to addiction in the long run. She in know way sugar coats or promotes moderation but found it far more prevalent than society acknowledes. Best of luck on your path.
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congrats! keep up the good work.
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I look up to you Windysan, for several reasons. Thanks for being here!

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Originally Posted by liveweyerd View Post
I look up to you Windysan, for several reasons. Thanks for being here!


Dang !!

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I think that you are doing right well.
You have my respect!!!
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Originally Posted by agrippa View Post

I think that you are doing right well.
You have my respect!!!

heck. i really don't know what to say but thanks, y'all.
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congrats, Windy! in agreement with the others, if you are happier, truly, internally.........why pretend you arent? you will feel more lousy about THAT probably, than about having the beer.

i understand the no alcohol thing, for people, in AA..however, im not sure if i personally beleive abstinence forever either. once major issues are worked through, people regain freedom. the things, pain, and character issues that provoked them to want to drink pain away, is no longer as present as it once was......overall, im not sure what i think about this, i suppose its one of those things each individual has to examine for themselves. i know with FOOD addiction, and SEX addiction, one cannot simply abstain forever form all food. they must learn to eat in moderation. with sex, a married person cannot, i dont think, realistically abstain for a lifetime from sex while being in a marital realtionship; those people must learn to deal with what caused them to desire to numb pain with food or abusing sex. sure it must be a hard road with those tow addicitons, as one must continue engaging somewhat, eventually, with their choice of 'poison'. same with a workaholic, or a codependent. as a person who struggle s with these two things, i cant just stop working altogether, or go live on an island with no people present. its a very touchy subject, as many people going to AA like to know their fellowship doesnt have people drinking. but really the program isnt about drinking, is it? when it gets deep down, it is about gaining control of your life, dealing with past/present pains, learning how to live sober. having a drink does not necessarily constitute one as 'UN-sober'....but not working their recovery certainly casues one to be UNsober, drink or not.
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Hi Im Sharon and Im an Alcoholic.

By the Grace of my HP and people
like you here in SR I havent had a
drink of alcohol since 8-11-90.

For that and you I am truely

Its been awhile since ive picked
up a chip...or celebrated my

I did the first 7 yrs before moving
to Houston, then my sponsor sent
me a few thru the mail.....

Im coming up on 17 yrs sober and im
back in Baton Rouge again attending
my AA meetings and seeing many of
my AA buddies before i left.

I havent decided what i will do next
month. Ill cross that bridge when i
get to it....

Picking up a chip allows others to see
the miracle of how the program gives the newcomer hope
knowing that if others can stay
sober under any circumstances one
day at a time then it is also possible
for them.

My drug of choice was always alcohol.
no im not gonna say i never did drugs...
cause i did smoke some weed back
when even tho i felt goofy doing it....

When someone dusted my joint with
angel dust and i
scared the u know what out of
me, so i stuck to alcohol which
seemed harmless at the time....

Needless to say the progress of
my disease kicked my azz and i
tried to end my life.

Thank God my family stepped
in and did for me what i couldnt do
for myself. For them and AA I
am truely grateful.

Whatever ur drug of choice is...
it is ALL alive and well and still kicking
butt from here in Baton Rouge to
Kingdom Come.

Thanks for letting me share.
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thanks for sharon.

snerks if ya quirk it
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same planet...different world
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lol windy
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