Review for our new members

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Review for our new members

I'd like to welcome our new members to the secular forum and just post these guidelines again for review. I don't want to see the forum turn into a debate forum and if we all follow these guidelines it should move forward without problems.

Please remember that this forum is for topics that are not spiritual or faith based. We have 2 other forums for those topics. Members who have spiritual beliefs are welcomed to post here as long as they stay on topic. This forum does not exclude any recovery group or recovery method. All are welcome to post here if they stay on topic and share secular views.

This is the purpose and description of this forum:

A forum to share wisdom, inspiration, thoughts, experiences, and insights that foster personal growth, education and enrichment within our secular community.

Discussions are fine. Respectful disagreements are fine too. I consider a discussion a conversation when all parties are listening to each other and sharing ideas. Respectful disagreements are disagreements that still allow the other person their own opinion. Discussions are showing an interest in understanding why another feels a certain way. We listen intently as they explain themselves and are free to admit any error in our own ways of thinking. A discussion is a cooperative effort and seeks resolution resulting in a peaceful end even when there are disagreements. Discussions help all to gain a better understanding of both sides of the issue.

Debates [for the purpose of this forum] are when posters only want to express themselves and discredit the opinions of others in a disrespectful way. Attacking someone else's ideas is not appropriate. Defending a belief that doesn't relate to the purpose or topics of this forum is not appropriate. Posts that flame or mock another recovery method, spiritual belief, sexual preference, race, disability, mental illness, moderator, or member etc.. are inappropriate. Off site links with similar content are also inappropriate.

Thank you,

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When you follow these simple directions, it makes it easier on the mods and greeters alike. Thanks for reading
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What did I miss?
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Hahaha, Stone,
You didn't miss anything....
What you see is what you get here...

Thanks, MG, for the reminder!

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It is good for me to read this, MG, thank you. In the world *I* grew up in, discussion, debate, argument and even self-expression were never clearly defined... and the examples I had were not like you describe.

I like your description better than my model....

Thank you!
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