Alternative help

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Alternative help

I am a non do I find help with this without all the other stuff?

Please refrain from judgement, this is not a "need to be saved question"'s a "need to be sober" question.

Thank you.
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Other SR members will be along to share with you I hope. Welcome!

Here is a list for you

Recovery Programs


Alcoholics Anonymous

LifeRing Secular Recovery


SOS - Secular Organisations for Sobriety

Women for Sobriety

Information and analysis about addiction treatment and harm reduction:

A useful AA reference:
Online AA resources (not official AA):

Moderation Management, the one group that deals with moderate drinking; useful for the guidelines:

Some variations on 12 Step:

Agnostics AA:

Alcoholics Victorious (Christian 12 step):

Pagan approach to 12 steps:

Another Christian recovery site:

Rabbi Twerski's interpretation of the 12 Steps from a Jewish perspective:

Take care..
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Hi Manzinni, welcome to SR.

People can and do recover from an alcohol addiction.

Personally I've had some success using Smartrecovery techniques. I also pick and choose from all the other programs out there. There's really some great stuff.

Your doctor can help as well. If you're like me I was pretty angry and emotionally upset in early recovery. There are medications that can help us stay on track.

It really is worth quitting drinking, even though it may not feel like it right now. The positive benefits start accumulating pretty quickly and it gets better every day.

Good luck to you and keep well

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Here is a good book

"Sober for Good"
by Anne M Fletcher

She gives examples of people that used all kinds of means to stay sober and does not discount any of them. This book most likely is in your public library.


Originally Posted by manzinni View Post
I am a non do I find help with this without all the other stuff?

Please refrain from judgement, this is not a "need to be saved question"'s a "need to be sober" question.

Thank you.
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Hi Manzinni Welcome.

There is support here. You can get and stay clean and have your beliefs respected at Secular Connections. If your main focus is on addiction recovery there is no need to mention Higher Power beliefs as the cause of change. I don’t employ spiritual beliefs as an aid to my sobriety. I don’t need to. I do just fine with out it. Post as often as you need and receive support from other secular people as well as others who appreciate your desires and views.

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