Special Thanks to Everyone Here

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Special Thanks to Everyone Here

Secular Connections has helped me more than any "program" I've nibbled upon. I want to thank everyone here for helping me through. There are so many wonderful minds here. History Teach and Doorknob....special thanks to you both.
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Thanks Windy!

That makes me feel really good.

And right back atcha, bro!!
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Yep, just had to put my vote in for the Teach; don't much know doorknob yet, far too new.

Truly, this entire site is quite overwhelming. It's HUGE. Many facets. Spirituality not your cup of tea? No problem, that's covered.

Now, Al-Anon is a 12-Step based program. What's that you say? the Twelves Steps not your cup of tea? No problem, we got a secular equivalent!

And on and on.

Amazing site, very tolerant. Very challenging it must for the mods when the occasional witty-smart characters like Ten Chips & EricPaul show up, a bit passionate and divisive by nature and forces the massive mod team to really examine what passes for medical advice and even medication "advice." On a site like this, which by its very nature evokes these subjects on a regular basis!

One task I don't envy, no thank you. lol
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I loved this post so much I tried to thank it again. Then I wondered why there was no Thanks button LOL.

This is a great board here in SC.
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I love this site. Doorknob is cool, Teach is wise, Mongo is lovely, Paulmh is tolerant, Ten Chips has experience - everyone lets everyone just be, just be chilled and have a considered opinion and that is so important.

What I love most is that, sometimes, American or Canadian people and people from the UK can be "divided by a common language" (excuse me Oz/Kiwi etc) and this is not a feature here. It's t'riffic (English for wonderful).

Best wishes
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