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Checking In

Haven't been around much. It's been busy but things are going pretty well. I'm still dealing with getting "happy" and getting my meds right but I have hope that it will happen. I've gotten a new therapist that, so far, I really like a lot. I think it's more what I need than just talking about my day. She's given me some assignments that I need to work on and I like her no BS attitude.

I've started some work on it......setting goals. This is actually something I've never really done. Not seriously anyway. I tend to set goals in my head and then not achieve them and blow them off. I've written these down and shared them with my GF so I will be held accountable. I just hope I don't get defensive if I get called out on them. *crossing my fingers*.

Short-term goals:
1. Get to bed by 10 or 10:30
2. Get up around 6 or 6:30am.
3. Get to work on-time.
4. Do some reading/studying every night for at least 30 minutes. (finals are coming up!!!)
5. Keep within my budget.

Longer-term goals: (1-year)
1. Be able to get off meds.
2. Figure out what type of career I want and start making steps to achieve it. Take aptitude test at local college to help me out.
3. Continue to stay on budget and get out of debt.
4. Start and stick with an exercise program.

Hope you all have a great holiday season.

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sounds good to me. keep it up.
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It's a great long term goal getting off of meds, but also realize that your shrink will most likely not be cooperative with losing his job. :P

Good luck!

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Thanks for the replies Brian and Marte.

Marte -- you are so cynical and I love it. (and I know why you are and I completely understand, I know you have had bad experiences. I'm pretty cynical myself about a lot of things.) I didn't really think of it in the way that you mentioned, the Doc would loose his job! Ha! I might even mention it to him when I get to the point that I can/should get off the meds.

I followed my list last night and got some studying in, got into bed at around 10:15. I slept pretty well and got up at 6:15 I think. I was in a great mood, singing around the house and stuff. My GF said she loves it when I'm like this........she said it's the real me. So, as of right now, today is going great!

Hope you all have great day too!

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It always does me good to see people who're doing well. Thanks for the update.
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good to hear from you paperdoll! sounds like you are doing great! that list is a good example to me too...i really should try to set goals and schedules as well. thanks! take good care and keep stopping back!
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Yesterday morning was wonderful. I woke up and was felling just peachy.
This morning, on the other hand.......I didn't sleep well. I did meet my goal of getting to bed by 10:30 but about 4am I woke up wide awake. So, I wandered around the house a little then watched some TV for a little bit then went back to sleep. Needless to say, I'm tired as heck right now. I'm looking forward to a nap at lunch! Another goal meet - I made it to work on time!

I cheated on my studying last night. Didn't spend 30 minutes. I need to get on it. Finals are next week and I do not feel ready at all. I have to promise myself I'll spend some time studying. Otherwise, what's the point of taking classes?!

Hope all is well!
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Reach Out and Touch Faith
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Getting ready for finals next week as well. I will join you in sending you good thoughts when I open my books
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I hate tests!! I was just telling my dad last night that I think they are way overrated and not "real-life". Oh, well. My opinion on it really doesn't matter.

What finals are you taking? I'm taking Acct. II and Macroeconomics. *gag*
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hey PD...i am glad you stopped in I have been wondering about you...glad to here you are well...

miss you around here.....

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