Motivational enhancement.

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Motivational enhancement.

I'm having a big problem with motivation that has persisted since I quit drinking. I didn't have to do anything to motivate me to quit (other than repetitive negative consequences), so therefore didn't learn any good motivational exercises. Quitting smoking required a bit of a boost, but the motivational material I learned to help me quit didn't benefit me much for appication toward other areas of life. Like, I've had the money for a new printer for weeks, Best Buy is two miles away, and I haven't purchased one yet. Gardening is a favorite hobby, and I didn't do any of that this year. It seems that so many of my activities (including extracurricular) were associated with drinking. Some of them no longer interest me, but to look at my backyard in such a deplorable state is downright shameful. No flowers or vegetables, and my perrenials are about half-dead. I don't get out much, and any real opportunity for outdoor summer activities have almost passed me by. I'm pale as a vampire too. Since fall care is about the most important when it comes to lawn care and gardening, I'm hoping to muster up some gumption to put on my ol' grass-stained beaters and make a weekend or two of it.

Anyway, I have been doing some research on motivational topics, and decided to post anything that I think may be useful to others.

Here's something I found that may be helpful:

Seven Rules for Motivation

#1. Set a major goal, but follow a path. The path has mini goals that go in many directions. When you learn to succeed at mini goals, you will be motivated to challenge grand goals.

#2. Finish what you start. A half-finished project is of no use to anyone. Quitting is a habit. Develop the habit of finishing self-motivated projects.

#3. Socialize with others of similar interests. Mutual support is motivating. We will develop the attitudes of our five best friends. If they are losers, we will be a loser. If they are winners, we will be a winner. To be a cowboy we must associate with cowboys.

#4. Learn how to learn. Dependency on others supports the habit of procrastination. Man has the ability to learn without instructors. In fact, when we learn the art of self-education we will find, if not create, opportunity to find success beyond our wildest dreams.

5. Harmonize natural talent with interests that motivate. Natural talent creates motivation, motivation creates persistence and persistence gets the job done.

#6. Increase knowledge of subjects that inspire. The more we know about a subject, the more we want to learn about it. A self-propelled upward spiral develops.

#7. Take risks. Failure and bouncing back are elements of motivation. Failure is a learning tool. No one has ever succeeded at anything without a string of failures.


(This actually looks like a comprehensive site on the subject of motivation, but I haven't had a chance to check it all out yet.)
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