More Rational Self-statements

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More Rational Self-statements

Here are some 'rational self-statements' you might want to use, modify, or add to:

More Rational Self-Statements
Adapted From Alcohol: How To Give It Up and Be Glad You Did
By Philip Tate
--I highly recommend Tate's book!

I have ignored my problems for a long time, but I can begin to face them now.
I do hurt myself with drinking, but I am not a louse for doing it.
I do make mistakes--all people make mistakes. I can face mine and I can manage them.
I am a fallible human being, but I can change myself.
Even though I hurt myself, I can fully accept myself.
My drinking sometimes creates problems for others, and that creates problems for me.
Any time my drinking gives me hassles, it is a problem.
--from Chapter 2: Acknowledging Problems Related to Drinking.

It is good for me to think carefully about the consequences of my drinking.
Although it is hard, I can think about my drinking.
Quitting will give me better health and more happiness.
Trying to quit and failing is better than failing to try.
When I think of alcohol or drugs, I can remember that they do not give me much.
Working at motivating myself is hard, but it's not too hard.
I'll make a commitment to myself and I'll work to keep it.
If I relapse, I'll commit again and I'll try again.
--from Chapter 3: How To Gain a Realistic View of Your Drinking and Abstinence

I can quit!
Quitting is not easy, but I can do it!
Quitting does not "have to" be quick and easy.
Quitting may give me frustrations, but I can stand them.
Other people withstood these frustrations and so can I.
Quitting is hard, but it's not too hard.
Drinking isn't the only fun in life, and I can pursue other forms of happiness.
I have tried and failed, but failing does not mean I am permanently weak and defective.
Failing once does not mean that I will always fail!
If I fail, I can forgive myself afterward and continue to try.
--from Chapter 8: You Can Quit: Eliminating Self-Defeating Beliefs About Quitting.

I can quit!
I can look forward to a better life, and I can withstand any hardship.
I can stand living without drinking or using.
It may feel bad to do without, but only bad, not awful. In the long run, I can enjoy myself more by doing without booze or drugs.
When I whine about quitting, I make quitting worse.
It's hard to live without booze or the high, but it's also hard to live with it.
If I quit drinking or using and work at long-term happiness, I'll do better instead of worse.
If I don't have a high from alcohol or drugs, so what? It's no big deal!
I'll think more of the benefits of abstinence and the hardships of drinking or using.
--from Chapter 11: How to Have Less Misery When Quitting

I will focus on doing and not on doing perfectly well.
I want to do well, but no law in the universe says that I "must."
Nearly all my happiness occurs without perfection.
Persistence, not perfection, is the key to success and happiness.
When I think too much about mistakes, I make more of them.
When I fail, I can still keep trying.
--from Chapter 13: Eliminating Anxiety and Guilt About Doing Well

Others are fallible human beings who will sometimes interfere with my happiness. I can accept that and refuse to upset myself.
I want others to treat me nicely, but they do not have to.
I do not like being treated badly, but I can stand it.
I can tolerate people who act badly.
I do not have to spend so much time thinking of the bad acts of others.
--from Chapter 15: How You Can Eliminate Your Anger

Today, nearly every step I take will be to attain happiness.
Seeking happiness for myself may be the highest moral good I can do.
I create most of my happiness.
When I neglect my friends or family today, they may neglect me tomorrow.
It would be nice to have the easy pleasures that alcohol gave me, but I won't drink. I can do better for myself by doing something else--from Chapter 17: Yes! You Can Attain Happiness!
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mmmm Cognitive therapy, it works for me!

Thanks Don

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Great list, Don!
Thanks for sharing!

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