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Fret not - there are quite a number of secular/ humanist rewriting of the 12 steps

https://www.soberrecovery.com/forums...ethinkers.html (The Universal 12 Steps for Freethinkers)

Not in AA myself but when I read some of these, I gained a greater understanding & appreciation of what the aims of the 12 steps are and what they're for.

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tomsteve (08-01-2018)
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My higher power is my subconscious, it knows who I am and how I should live. My conscious mind will not resolve my drinking problem by its self.
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DaveNZ (04-01-2019)
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"God" is a useful way to stop the things we don't understand or can't control getting in the way of our lives. It's a handy thing, and when in AA they talk about an "easier, softer way" then actually God is the easier, softer way. If you have no working God concept (like me) then you have to find ways around this. Yes, you're "allowed" to make up anything you like as your God, but the reality of this is that your God isn't going to meet the standards that most expect... my God for example doesn't require prayer... so that puts me at odds with 50% of the people I meet in AA. For what its worth "God" to me is a wicker basket containing all the stuff that I don't understand.
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hello Dave NZ, and welcome.
just a heads up that you are replying to some old threads, so you donít wonder if you get few replies.
some of the original posters may not be here anymore.
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Dee74 (04-07-2019)
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I was deciding my path of recovery about a week sober with my outpatient treatment counselor and AA came up and my concern was the fact that I was a life long atheist and AA is a faith based group. Her advice was to take what I could and leave the rest. Now what I do believe in is people and the power of people as a group, I have gotten so much from the people of AA in the last 14 months it's been amazing. I don't get much from the big book bangers or the bible bangers in fact the surmonds are driving me out at this point, but the people that talk from the heart have helped me immensely.
Twice I've had people say they didn't believe I was atheist after I discussed it in a meeting. I'm sixty years old I think I know, I've been looking at my beliefs sence I was sixteen years old and if I said what I believed in AA I would offend more than a few. What a person believes is erelevant in AA and should not be expressed according to the big book but it often is.
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In the early days I was a bit lost in the God department. I refused to attend a meeting that used the Lord's Prayer, in fact I remember feeling quite irate about it. I had no experience of, and therefore no belief in God. That does not mean I was an atheist. That is a form of faith itself, a belief that there is no God, which cannot be proven either.

I listened to the "group of drunks" idea and made the group my higher power for a short time. After all they were sober. I soon learned however, that people have feet of clay. I needed something a bit more substantial.

I was at least willing to believe that the power that helped them might possibly help me, which apparently was all I needed to make a start. I pursued this idea a bit like a scientific experiment. Basically if I did exactly what they did, I ought to get what they got. I began getting results quite early, though only realised it when I was about a third of the way through the steps. I felt something that I had not felt before. That was good enough for me.

Defining what I now call God, mainly because I can't think of a better word, has been impossible for me. It feels like that "untapped inner resource" that the book talks about. I don't know if that extends to some deity in the sky. It is more like a good friend who has stood by me in the difficult times, and sent me inspiration and guidance for how I live my daily life. Communication is facilitated through prayer (talking) and meditation (listening), and the Power obtained seems to be totally portable, so I have been able to go anywhere in the world without risk of a drink. My sobriety has become independent of things human, even AA.

I dont know whether it is internal or external, but connecting and staying connected to my concept of a Higher Power has resulted not only in freedom from alcohol, but freedom from dependence on anything human.

What you most need will be found where you least want to look
All BB quotes from 1st Edition.
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