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Originally Posted by FantaDaze View Post
It sounds prudent to create "safe spaces" for different perspectives, but excessive segregation of perspectives could promote "echo chambers" as well.
Better our echo chamber than yours, FantaDaze.

Your attempts at 'qualifying' with SOBER TIME and 'atheist rebel' credentials to save the lost secular souls from the alternatives brought to light that you believe nobody is unique enough to warrant avoiding the one true path, lest they die at salvation's door.

Originally Posted by FantaDaze View Post
I am glad for people who find a path to recovery that works for them. "Yes, you are unique... just like everybody else."
We both know that you probably mean precisely the opposite, or you would not have mocked the idea of uniqueness, but I'm nevertheless curious as to how you reconcile that cognitive dissonance?

"Us alcoholics, we are all uniquely different from normal people, and you must come to accept that peculiar terminal uniqueness, but don't any of you think that you are unique. We are unique, but not unique."
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no green apples allowed

Here's an idea...
if this forum is meant to be divided into "green apples" and "NO green apples" then why not NOT have green apples in thread topics on the NO green apples side of the forum?

Apparently I joined this forum 6 months ago, but never posted anything, then a month ago an email from this forum had a link to this "... vs. green apples" thread... and I unwittingly posted my green apples comment in it.

A moderator rather gently pointed out that I was talking about my green apples on the wrong side of the forum. My long winded reply, acknowledging that I had not previously studied the forum's guidelines was apparently moved elsewhere (to a safe/time out corner, I suppose).

The owners and operators of this forum can do whatever they want, but my suggestion is this: If you don't want people talking about green apples, then don't allow green apples in the thread topics.

Best wishes to all, whatever you decide to fill your sobriety pie with.
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oh...thanks, I guess

Now I see what happened... thanks Morning Glory.

Yes, while I can't fully appreciate this vitriol that is probable here, I can certainly gather a flavor of it.

I can also gather a sense of how eager some are to misconstrue comments.

In this increasingly self-righteous and vilifying world, I have heard more than one bright intellectual type declare that people need to be able to "think aloud" ... to present their thoughts, however falteringly, in the hopes of being able to improve them and the clearer understanding of them. Not something the internet is always conducive toward. Best wishes.
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I spend increasing amounts of time around those who are solidly Recovered. As in, past tense. Some of this 'Learning By Absorption' is due to spending time on line elsewhere. Much of what I've already learned is out there in Real Life vs. suffering through the antics of frustrated, amateurish Debaters on line. IMO, truly Recovered Folks don't debate whether they are, nor do they try to win over others. They inspire, and just get on with it, Recovered. These Folks - in what I term 'Advanced Recovery' - readily stand out here on SR, and I make a point to read what they have to say.

A High School Tennis Coach taught us that you only get better when you play against those who are better. I find this to be true re: Sober Living, as well; especially as I approach Year 3 Sober sans any remotely-serious temptation.
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Reach Out and Touch Faith
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Let's keep this polite. You don't need to jump through hoops to post following basic rules, the majority of which are basic netiquette anyway.

FantaDaze, actually it's a lot more clear cut than "I know it when I see it." Perhaps it's because you weren't here when this forum opened up and had to be shut down from all the fighting.

MG put a lot of work into this special part of cyberspace and over the years I have tried to do so as well.

This is a place where we can discuss the 12 Steps from a postive, secular point of view. For example, I did SMART and AA for my first couple years of sobriety. Now I still go to the town over once a year to celebrate my clean and sober anniversary with my friends who happen not to drink that I ran into when I was in AA. SMART admits that AA helps many people and you are more than welcome to attend both programs.

Finally, the gravity as your HP- When I worked the steps my HP was the big bang. That explosion that was so forceful it created our universe and so many forms of life? Now that is a power greater than myself!

*P.S. Cleaning up this thread.
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I actively participate in SMART weekly and AA 3-4 times a week. I listen, learn and grow from both. I take away what works for me and ignore that which does not. I find nothing but positives in both. People talk about 'the culture of AA' of 'SMART does not make the grade because..'. They are 2 different approaches to help people stop drinking, taking drugs (whatever) and remain sober... I enjoy participating actively in both. SMART gives peer based on the ground support on how to cope with every day life. AA- for me tends to be a bit more looking at the past, present and future from a more long term point of view. Not always. AA is also a person one at a time sharing. Then someone else. SMART encourages individuals to progressively share their coping strategies, experiences so we all learn by active participation in a group dynamic.
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In my first 12 months alcohol free I attended AA & SMART quite regularly &, like PhoenixJ, I found plenty of good information & strategies in both. My advice is simply to get along to a meeting, either AA or SMART, & see if either work for you
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Personally I don't like "this versus that" recovery debates. There's no right/wrong.. better/worse way of getting and staying sober .

There's only what works for you.

I like AA. Bbut I also enjoy reading about other methods people use to stay sober.
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Originally Posted by InMyBlood View Post
I'm just curious, and I know it boils down to personal preference: does anyone on here follow the SMART program? I've been doing research on alternatives to AA because I've never been comfortable in meetings sharing my feelings in person and I have a hard time with the "higher power" concept. Does anyone have any input on other programs or on SMART?
I am following both AA and Smart and find they are complimentary.

AA I find gives me greater connection with people with the same problem. SMART is primarily a set of CBT tools and techniques to change mindset and thinking. SMART aims to make you self reliant. AA aims to make you reliant on the programme to stay sober.
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I don't know about SMART, but greetings and hugs from another person who decided to take another route, apart from AA or any meetings-based programs, I've found useful ideas from nearly all of the programs (online), but didn't attendn any meetings. Five years sober.
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