I feel sad for leaving

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I feel sad for leaving

o I recently broke up with my boyfriend of 6 years. We are both in our mid 20s. He got himself involved in a dui and for possession of a controlled substance about 2 years ago. However he did not learn his lesson after going to jail twice and he broke probation many times because he would fail alcohol and drug test. He still continues to drink and I donít know if he does drugs still he admitted to me he did but not how many times, he was always so secretive and he would always get mad and offended when I would question things. Our relationship turned into fighting and arguing all the time. I would blame myself because I was always on him on the look out if he was doing things behind my back because I had caught him many times. I just simply didnít want to feel like I couldnít trust him so I would look for things to reassure me he wasnít doing anything but every now and then he would do something that reminded me of a time he lied and A fight will happen. I felt horrible in the relationship because I didnít believe him and he was also tired of that. I was always there for him I tried to be a good example And to motivate him to change so we could start a life of our own but he never showed any initiative. he would always say things that he was going to change but his actions showed different. I feel really sad because I left and I donít know if I made the right decision .itís been 2 weeks and he still hasnít reached out to me the last thing he said is that he wanted to marry me and have kids with me and that he was going to focus on himself and In becoming a better man... I didnít reply I am really broken.
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I'm really sorry Whales. It must be very hard for you - but I think you left for a reason - it gets pretty crowded in a relationship with an addiction in there as well. To me, I think you did the right thing for you and I am sure in time you will find happiness again.

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The uncertainty and unknowing can be brutal. I feel ya. But I think that if you turn your focus off of him and your relationship and turn it towards your own life and the things you love and need to do - the heavy load you're carrying will begin to lighten.

Hang in there.
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