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Abuse, and Taking My Child Away

Good evening you guys.
My heart is hurting, and heavier than ever tonight. My daughter's father and I have nothing legally binding as far as our time with her. I tried bringing him to court after he beat me up, and I found him neglecting our daughter. The judge said he wasn't a threat to her or I.
That was years ago right after I found him cheating, so I left him.

Anyhow, for a year or so, he had her twice a week for dinner, and then on Sunday for the whole day and night. Then he switched it to her spending the night twice a week and then on Sunday. Then he disappeared for a while. Now he's back and taking her for two nights at a time, and then I have her for two nights at a time. Back and forth like that. It's crushing my heart. I can't stand being away from her that long. The back and forth every other day was not a good schedule either, but he just does not care.
I'm terrified to bring him back to court. If he can beat me up, and there WAS proof, and I had found him master-bating on the couch while she was in her diaper in the kitchen, and the judge throws out the whole thing, then what's to assure me the judge will listen to my concerns this time?
Sorry if some of this post doesn't make any sense. I'm crying while I type it.
He's awful to me, he sends me text after text sometimes for days, calling me rotten, a horrible mother, a terrible woman, and a slew of other very derogatory names. He mentally and emotionally abuses me almost every single day, and I feel there's not a single thing I can do about it.
I feel alone, and pretty depressed.
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I'd consult a lawyer and look at your options, WP.
For now lean on the community here

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