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girlfriend in rehab

first i would like to say im new to the forum but have been lurking around here for sometime. and i guess im turning to here now because my family and friends are getting tired of hearing it.

my girlfriend of just about two years left for rehab two weeks ago. she went on her own will and was happy to finally try and turn her life around. she had been using percocet 30s for a few years and moved on to snorting heroin. basically what i am having trouble with is i just found out this week after not receiving any letters from her is that she isn't aloud to contact any one besides her family. the problem with this is that her family hasn't wanted anything to do with her in the last 14 months and i have been the only one to support her or be there for her during that time now im 24 and don't use any drugs and she is 21 and she has been battling this for sometime now and has been in and out of a few programs in the last two years. now i know her being there is not about me and i cant be selfish about it but i almost feel that its not fair. after everything we have been through and everything i have done as far as supporting her. the day that she arrived there the counselor called me to let me know that she was ok and that she arrived. after not hearing anything for a week i called back the counselor and she broke the news that she wasn't aloud to contact me. now i have all of her belongings and personal information and she is going to be there for 8 months and i just don't know what to do.the counselor told me that she explained the situation to her and how i have been the only one there and she said she is gonna she what she can do but for some reason i dont think they understand.

now i just don't know what to do or how to handle this situation i almost feel like the first weeks is when she is gonna need the support and i don't want her to think i don't care while she is in there. has anyone ran into this kind of problem? do programs ever make any exceptions? any help would be great cause i am having a really hard time dealing with this
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Hi, I'm sorry to say I do not have any advice for you, but I'm afraid I may be going through the same thing soon. My boyfriend will be attending a facility for meth addiction very soon and I worry about the unknown.

I guess it's good that the counsellor has spoken to you about it and I'm sure that they would let her know that you have called, or if they don't, I'm sure she's been made aware of their rules for no contact. Have you found out if there will be chances to see her later in her stay? I have heard there can be scheduled visits...unless they're only for family...???

I hope there is a chance for you to see her, but if not, I'm sure it's for the best. They ultimately have to do this themselves.

Best of luck, please let us know how you go...I have no idea what to expect while my boyfriend is away, and I know what you mean about having friends/family sick of hearing about your worries. This forum is great to get things off your chest.
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